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Marine biologists and oceanographer are putting finishing touches to document in which they will present at the Workshop on the use of satellite data for Ocean Health and fIsheries at the World Resources Institute in Washington D C on November 2.
Resolutions which will be adopted at the end of the one day session will form the nucleus to shape the use of satellite data in updating Ocean health and Fisheries in the next decade, a conference expert told me in a mobile link from the American capital few days ago.
According to the expert, “the Workshop will feature four panels of experts who will address the state of the ocean and its impacts on life and society, fisheries and ecosystem health, links between fisheries and human security as well as resources and tools for using satellite data products.
Delegates, expected to be in the hundreds, both national and overseas, will discuss the increasing awareness about current satellite data products, increasing awareness of other existing and emerging observation products and tools as establishing a dialogue between data providers and data users on activities and needs across the ocean sector with a focus on New opportunities to increase effective exploitation of satellite products.
One West African delegate in a pre-workshop interview said, “the workshop holds a number of solutions to the current problem of unchecked piracy in territorial waters as the use modern data and monitoring an reduce the menace.”
“In every community, there is work to be done. In every nation, there are wounds to heal. In every heart, there is the power to do it. And the workshop may turn out to be the key to start working on poachers to halt the menace,” the delegate added.
It is apparent that African strategists are rolling up their sleeves to make the continent’s topmost in the agenda for world affairs in 2018.
What had been left off in the past decade is being reignited to put Africa into the mainstream of affairs.
One such is the 2018 Atlanta conference in Georgia, which is likely to be the staging post of the meeting scheduled for Freetown later in the year.
As a write up, African planners have reminded all that “Africa is home to 55 sovereign countries, most of which have colonial borders drawn up by European powers. Sine attaining political independence, African States has been hampered by tribalism, instability, corruption and authoritarianism.
Few of them have managed sustainable democratic rule as many have cycled through a series of coups and military dictatorships.
This post-colonial African governance crisis had engendered an entire race of more than one billion people trapped in perpetual poverty on a land abundant with natural resources and human capital that disproportionately enrich global commercial and financial interests and foreign economies.
Since 1957, successive African regimes have applied Legacy Development models obtained from Europe and failed as development goals were not realised.
Investigation and examinations of published data showed the African policy makers and African scholars of Development habitually adopt and pursue the legacy models from Europe.
It is the position of USAfrica 2017 Project Task Force $54 Trillion Consortium that the current development models from the World Bank, IMF, OECD and their governmental affiliates which serve as foundation for African government strategies for economic development must be refined to reflect the 21st century geopolitics and geo-economics conditions.
It will be foolish for policy makers to reject wholesale the legacy development models.
The proposed African federation will have the largest territory of any state and will emerge as global economic and nuclear power that will compete with China, India, Singapore, Russia and Brazil and out-compete them in the foreseeable future.
A continental African Federation will resolve the colonial borders and reunify separated families and communities.
As a United Africa will attract top African talent from the Diaspora for world-class scientific research and development in the motherland.
A continental African Federation, a voice on the world stage and will be granted a permanent seat on the UN Security Council.
Monday October 30, 2017.

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