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Sierra Leone News: NGC attracts new members

I.J. Kabbah, Brima Keita at the high tableThe new kid on the block, the National Grand Coalition (NGC) has signed up over 200 members from both the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) and the All People’s Congress (APC) on Thursday 9 November 2017, at the Harry Yansanneh Hall Campbell Street. Key among the new members are the former women’s leader of the SLPP, Isata Jabbie Kabbah, former Western Area Regional Chairman, Brima Keita, former Constituency 109 Chair, Samuel Square, Dr. Alhaji Brima Rogers and a host of others. The March 2018 election is just around the corner. Every week, people are defecting from one party or another.
According to Isata Jabbie Kabbah, “I am very sad at this particular moment I am standing in front of you today, SLPP is in my DNA. Even though it is very difficult, but we must make the necessary change. I have been an SLPP all my life and the reason for me to leave the SLPP for the NGC is simply because the SLPP has lost some of it democratic values and principles.” She added, “SLPP used to be a peaceful and democratic party but such principles have be violated over the years. I have officially resigned from the SLPP and now join the NGC as founding members of the party because I believe in the ideology of Yumkellah.”
The former Western Area Regional Chair said, “I was born and bred in the SLPP and believed the ideologies of SLPP. But, those ideologies have been wiped away. I am not a stranger at the SLPP and more senior to those who are damaging the SLPP. From this point I have resigned as an SLPP member and I am joining the NGC as a founding member.”
According to Michael Squire, he has been a party chair for close to ten years. All the ideas and strategies that he was using for the SLPP, he will now transfer those to the NGC. Also some youth groups came forward together with some APC supporters and officially declared for the NGC.
The Publicity Secretary of the APC, Cornelius Deveaux, said, “No true son and daughter of the APC will leave the APC and joined any political party. Those APC supports who have joined the SLPP or NGC are not true sons and daughters of the APC.” MJB/9/11/17
By Mohamed J. Bah
Friday November 10, 2017.

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