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Sierra Leone Business: 709 carat Diamond moves to New York

L-R Ambassador I. Sorie, Mines MinisterThe 709 carat diamond is now on what is supposed to be its final journey to New York where it is expected it will be sold within the next two weeks.
Earlier the stone dubbed “Peace Diamond,” was displayed for the umpteenth time by the Rappaport group for public viewing in Belgium.
This time it was the Mines Minister, Hon.
Minkailu Mansaray accompanied by the Ambassador to the Kingdom of Belgium Hon. Ibrahim Sorie who were in the forefront of the display, at the Antwerp World Diamond Centre (AWDC) in Belgium.
According to a release issued by the press attaché in Belgium, at the public viewing, the Mines Minister read out a proclamation dated 15th November 2017 stating that “”The government of Sierra Leone proclaims that the 709 carat diamond discovered in the village of Koryadu, Kono province, Sierra Leone in March, 2017 is hereby named THE SIERRA LEONE PEACE DIAMOND.”
Pastor Momoh who discovered the diamond is reportedly in New York awaiting the arrival of the diamond, which it is expected itwill be put on sale on the 4th December.
Monday November 20, 2017.

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