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Sierra Leone Business: Koin International to sell 476 carat Diamond

Another Belgium based firm – Koin International has announced it will be selling the 476 carat diamond found over a week ago in Kono.
Koin International who are a rough tender specialist for African diamonds say they have been appointed the marketing-and-sales agent for the stone.
The 476 carat diamond is the 5th largest in the country’s history.
The stone was recovered from the first blast of Meyamines which is a jointly owned Namibian and Sierra Leonean diamond exploration company.
The Mines Minister MinkailuMansaray says ““Koin seems to know exactly what we want from this remarkable diamond — the best price, prosperity and great publicity for our diamonds and country,”.
The stone which has been named “Meya Prosperity” is expected to be sold in the first week of December although the company has not revealed details of its gem price or quality specifications.
The 709 carat which is being handled by Rappaport and which was found much earlier, will be sold in New York on 4th December
Monday November 20, 2017.

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