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Sierra Leone News: 33 patients diagnosed with suspected cancer at Choithram hospital

Dr. Vijay SharnangatThe two-day cancer malignancy diagnoses done at the Choithram hospital last Thursday and Friday saw 33 patients being suspected of having cancer, said Dr. Vijay Sharnangat.
Dr. Vijay said he is working at the HCG hospital in Mumbai, India and was part of an agreement between his hospital and Choithram that brought him to Sierra Leone.
“I diagnosed 44 patients and 33 of them are suspected cancer patients as there are more tests to be done to prove that they have the disease. Of the 33, eight of them have breast cancer, 10 with cervical cancer and seven that are men with prostate cancer.”
He said 24 of them had to undergo CT scanning and 15 went through ultra-sounds as these were the methods used to diagnose them for the disease. He said there were many patients but because he was alone, he decided to do 20 patients a day, but had to increase it, doing 22 patients a day.
Dr. Vijay averred that on his return, he will still be monitoring the patients as he has left them with specific instructions to the doctors as he plans to come back to see if he can do some surgeries.
Coordinator of the hospital, Harish Agnani, said because there is no Oncologist in Sierra Leone they decided to bring one to help cancer patients in the country.
“Because he was the only doctor he was unable to see all the patients that registered and had to see just the 44. In the future, Choithram Hospital is planning to open an Oncology Department so that cancer patients will be able to get early treatment rather than wait until it has reached the dangerous stage before they are taken to other countries for treatment.”
Harish Agnani averred that Choithram was responsible for Dr. Vijay in collaboration with HCG Hospital and they plan to make sure that next year they try to bring more than one Oncologist to help cancer patients as he said during the registration process there were hundreds coming to register.
Before Dr. Vijay left on Saturday, he was able to see six patients. One of them was a woman who has been diagnosed with cervical cancer. She said she never knew that it was cancer even though she has been going through pain. However, she said the advice the doctor gave her she believes she will be well.
Monday November 20, 2017.

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