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Sierra Leone News: Waterloo struggles for basic amenities

Electricity, food, good roads and water supply are some of the facilities a developmentally oriented government should provide for its citizens. In Africa it has been more of a favour by government, than their responsibility.
The people of Devil Hole community at Waterloo in the Western Rural District have raised several concerns with regards to development in their community. According to the Headman, Alhaji Ibrahim Sesay, “We don’t have electricity in this part of the country. We are seeing other areas progress but for us, we are lagging behind. We are one of those communities that overwhelming voted the APC into office in the last two elections.”
He added that as a result of poor road network they have lost several lives. “Commercial vehicles can’t come down to our communities because drivers don’t want their vehicles to be damaged as a result of poor road network. And even the bikes are finding it very difficult, especially in the rainy season,” Sesay said.
The community Chief at Devil Hole, Pa Alimamy, said they lack health care facilities and community centres. He said, “A community without a health centre is not a complete community. People will be losing their lives as a result of minor illnesses.”
A resident of the community, Kallay Kamara, said because of the road network in their community, which is bad, they are finding it difficult to do proper business. “I have spent over 15 years in this community and up to this point our needs have not been met by past and present governments.
By Mohamed J. Bah
Monday November 20, 2017.

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