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Sierra Leone News: 901 buildings affected by the August 14 landslide

The Damage and Loss Assessment (DaLA) has revealed that 901 buildings (residential, mixed-use, public, and commercial) covering 116,766 square metres were affected by the landslide and floods from Sugar Loaf Mountain to Lumley Creek.
The comprehensive, rapid DaLA, which was supported by World Bank and was done in partnership with the United Nations (UN) was carried out from August 24 to September 8 2017.
Damage to property included 769 buildings that were residential, 27 were commercial and the remaining were mixed use, apart from a church and an orphanage. 349 buildings of about 34,178 square metres were destroyed, 263 buildings of about 38,384 square metres were moderately damaged, and the remaining 289 buildings suffered minor damage.
According to the assessment, the floods in Dwarzak and Culvert on the same day had no damaged buildings, but household assets and savings were lost in 669 buildings.
The cumulative estimate of both damages and losses in Western Area Rural and Urban due to the two events is $15.43 million USD. Damage alone from both events is $14.18 million USD and losses incurred from both events is estimated to be $1.25 million USD.
These figures includes estimated loss from rents for owners, rent to be borne by displaced families, costs of provision of temporary shelter for three months, the costs of demolition of damaged buildings, and the cost of removal of construction debris.
An estimate of $13.29 million USD is needed for the overall recovery needs in the short, medium, and longer term. Of this, the short-term recovery over the next three months that is targeted to provide urgent relief is estimated to be $2 million USD.
Medium-term early recovery over the next 3–12 months for the poor households from the affected population is estimated to be $2.3 million USD. Resilient recovery for longer-term estimate $9 million USD, to be utilised over one to three years, for the poor households from the affected population.
More than $40 million USD, including gifts in kind like mattresses, food, clothes, etc., were donated to the victims of the disaster through the ONS and State House.
The DaLA stated that with the massive landslide that slipped into the Babadorie River Valley and exacerbated existing flooding in the Western Area Rural and Urban affected about 6,000 people of which 1,141 have been declared dead or missing.
By Zainab Joaque
Thursday November 23, 2017.

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