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Sierra Leone News: An Artist’s Journey begins

Local heroes, actors, theatre fanatics and artiest will carry out roadshows and premieres of the play “An Artist’s Journey” across the country.
The remarkable heroes, headed by Charlie Haffner, one of the most famous playwrights and directors in Sierra Leone will tell the most ambitious story to inspire the next generation of leaders to stay in Sierra Leone and revive the country to what it used to be, with the hopes of transforming Sierra Leone back to its roots.
Haffner noted, ”the story is about changing the mindsets of Sierra Leoneans. It’s about motivating the young to own the future, to determine the fate of Sierra Leone, what they want at a particular time. It’s about nationalisation.”
Haffner described the play as “form of Sierra Leoneanisation” from a journey where the Whiteman (colonial masters) first stepped on the land to colonisation, to independence and to the present day Sierra Leone. The play he said is about connecting Sierra Leoneans with their culture to empower themselves.
The Sierra Leone Brewery Limited on Wednesday partnered with the play’s group. Corporate Relations Manager, Kojo Collier, informed the gathering that collaboration with the Sierra Leone ambassadors expressed the fact that Star brand remains committed to the supporting of the local content policy.
Collier added that the brand desires to showcase the beauty and the value of the country rich culture through meaning social impact.
The Star brand, he noted has been an important part of the history and the culture of Sierra Leone since 1962, contributing to the initiative that aims to show that the cause for optimism and a brighter future is a natural step to the country’s social wellbeing. SV/22/11/17
By Sylvia Villa
Thursday November 23, 2017.

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