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Sierra Leone News: I’ll not disappoint SLAJ or the country – Mustapha M.K. Sesay

The newly approved Ex-Officio Member of the Independent Media Commission (IMC) Mustapha M.K. Sesay, said, “I assure the membership of the Sierra Leone Association of Journalists (SLAJ) that I will not disappoint them when I take office.” He promised to work in line with the laid down principles of the IMC Act.
“As you are aware I’m a respecter of law and always go by the principles of any institution,” he said, disclosing that he was not surprise on his appointment as even SLAJ would not have appointed him if he is not competent for the position.
According to him, the SLAJ executive recommended him to President Ernest Koroma because they have trust in him that he will deliver. He added that the IMC as stipulated by law is supposed to be an independent institution, which he will try to work in accordance with in the interest of the nation.
Responding to the comment made Hon. Bashiru Silikie of Constituency 072, that his approval coincides with an election period and they will not want to see him supporting or moving with a particular political party. He maintained that he will not move with any political party and try his best to work against such activities.
He disclosed he will always stand for what he believes in and assured that he will bring innovation at the IMC and will ensure the it continue to be independent and deliver its functions based on its mandate.
“I will continue to work in the interest of SLAJ. I will continue to report to SLAJ and work towards the promotion of the media and also promote the work of the IMC,” he vowed.
By Alhaji M Kamara
Wednesday November 29, 2017.

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