On the re-opening of SLPP Office … “We would never encourage violence” John Benjamin...

The lives of children who travel by sea using locally made boats called ‘Pampa’ from Kissy Ferry Terminal to Targrin and Pepel, risk drowning, as there is no life- jacket provided for them. Surprisingly however, adults who ply on the same boats are provided with life jackets, while children are left at the mercy of[...]

All is not well at the Government Hospital situated at Rokupa in the east end of Freetown, following the discovery of an Ebola patient about a week ago. Fifteen nurses and two Medical Doctors who allegedly had contact with the deceased Ebola patient have been quarantined in an unknown destination, awaiting the expiration of 21[...]

The Secretary-General of the Sierra Leone Concerned Traders Association, Fuad Mansaray yesterday disclosed that the women of the organization will soon parade in the street naked, if the President fails to intervene in their situation. The Secretary-General added that the Government has disappointed them with fake promises without fulfilling it and they normally use them[...]

The Deputy Regional Commander of Freetown East, Sierra Leone Police (SLP), Chief Superintendent (CSP) Bakarr Mansaray has on Thursday 15th July 2014 entreated his colleague police officers to live within their earnings.  He made this revelation in a meeting organised by the Anti-Corruption Commission for police officers; which was meant to educate them on the[...]

Kukuna in the Bramaia Chiefdom is a major town with a population of over 25,000 people and 25 miles off Kambia, a district headquarter town but only eight police personnel with no police station to effectively police the chiefdom. According to police officer, Inspector Joseph Yamba Kanu they (police Personnel) are currently using the court-barray[...]

The Executive Director of Health Alert, Victor Lansana Koroma has emphatically declared in Freetown that the presence of Ebola in the country is real and that people should stop denial of its existence. He declared the virus as “a common enemy of the state” and called for a concerted national effort to contain the viral menace. “Ebola is real and it is killing people and we must stop the denial and come together to fight the common enemy,” Mr. Koroma stated. He made this declaration yesterday at the Gender Grassroots and Empowerment hall during a one-day training of Health Alert District Coordinators and media Ambassadors. Victor Lansana said the campaign against the Ebola virus should be rooted in a collective will of a people to root out something that is inimical [...]
Airtel Sierra Leone has supported the Ministry of Forestry and Food Security to plant trees along the Regent/Grafton road as part of the company's Corporate Social Responsibility to the host communities in Freetown. The support according to Airtel Management is to promote responsible environmental management in communities grappling with land degradation and deforestation. Airtel will be providing Le 200,000 monthly for the upkeep of the trees for a period of one year. Airtel will also be supporting the planting of trees along a 10kilo meter roads in Western Area as a ways of afforesting deforested areas. The noble gesture of Airtel Sierra Leone was welcomed and commended by the Minister of Agriculture Forestry and Food Security Dr. Sam Sesay. The Minister expressed [...]
As a means to put an end to the current deadly Ebola disease in the Country, an International Non-Governmental Organisation, Christian Aid, yesterday launched 45 days response action and donated some medical equipment for the fight against Ebola. The donation was made to the Western Urban District Health Medical Team at Cline Town through the Methodist Church Sierra Leone (MCSL) and Network of People with HIV (Nethips) as operating partners working with Christian Aid. According to Eustace Mensah, Christian Aid strongly believes in life before death, which is why they work globally in 45 countries to ensure that they always help the people who are in the lead, adding that Christian Aid has also adopted a partnership strategy which firmly put their local partners in the lead in [...]
As Ebola continues to send people to their grave, many Sierra Leoneans say that the trumpeting of Ebola by government officials is a way of making money for themselves. This was an argument in a 20 sitter bus that accommodates over 80 passengers in which only one lady was bold to say that Ebola is real. So many passengers were saying that 'the government will declare the country Ebola free in September because that is the time the funding will close.' Others were saying in krio 'na lie lie' that is Ebola does not exist at all. Another group of passengers were saying that Ebola does exist in other parts of the world but not yet in Sierra Leone. While others were saying that the government is playing politics, stating that most of the victims are from the East which is the [...]

Sierra Leone’s Minister of Sports, Paul Kamara on Tuesday addressed the Sierra Leone delegation to the Glasgow Commonwealth in games Village in Scotland ahead of the officially open ceremony today. Paul Kamara reminded the athletes that they to the games to represent the country and should do everything humanly possible to maintain her dignity throughout[...]