On the re-opening of SLPP Office … “We would never encourage violence” John Benjamin...

The Presidents Recovery Priorities (PRP) national conference engagement and convergence jointly organised by the Office of the President and UNICEF starts today at the Bintumani Hotel. In a joint press conference held at the Ministry of Information Communications yesterday Monday, chaired by the acting Minister of Information, Cornelius Deveaux said the government is serious about[…]

A 7.1 magnitude earthquake yesterday struck the Atlantic Ocean approximately 1,100km off the shores of Sierra Leone. According to BNO News report the powerful and shallow earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 7.1 struck the South Atlantic Ocean, centered far northwest of Ascension Island, seismologists say. There was no immediate warning of any tsunami triggered[…]

Africa has long held a deep fascination for the developed world. From slavery right up to the colonial scramble for Africa in the 18th and 19th centuries, the continent’s natural wealth has attracted foreign powers and businesses. Now they are again jostling to secure access to the continent’s abundant natural resources and its burgeoning consumer[…]

Past President Rotary Club and Philanthropist Dr Adonis Abboud will on Wednesday leave the shores of Sierra Leone to attend the Rotary Foundation ‘Major Donor and Bequest Society Luncheon’ where he aims to lobby and give more support to various sectors in the country. Dr. Adonis Abboud is one of the Major Donors among three[…]

Kingsway corner market off Kingsway Street in Kenema city is one of the oldest markets known as the main bush meat market in the region. Before, during and after the eleven years war in the country hundreds of animals including snakes have been flooding the market. Surveys after the war proved that over seven hundreds[…]

The National Union of Sierra Leone Students (NUSS)  have awarded Felix Alie Koroma, this year’s “Millennium President” award from 2000-2015 academy year award which was keenly contested by six past NUSS presidents. The NUSS Millennium president awardee Felix Koroma Esq is the present Deputy Ambassador to the United Nations and when he was the president[…]

Canadian born, Amy Clancy has fallen in love with children of HAPPY KIDS and Adolescents, a non-governmental charity organisation. With almost two decades of dedicated service to humanity, Amy is now the Chief of Programs for HIV/AIDS, at UNICEF, Sierra Leone. She has been in Sierra Leone for quite a while, working with various organisations[…]

Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Corporation Dr Samura Kamara has told the 49 students leaving for China this week to transform the challenges they face into opportunities as they are bound to go through them in a foreign country. Talking to the students, the Minister said they are fortunate to be going to China[…]

The management of the Gola Rainforest National Park (GRNP) is currently paying out royalty to land owing families in the Gola Rainforest National Park (GRNP) and operational chiefdoms in the South and East of the country. Speaking to the press at Baoma town, Koya chiefdom Kenema district, the Superintendent Community Development Unit of the Gola[…]

The residents of Kebbie Town Section in Bo have lauded the robust response of the Police to arrest the arm robbers who went and violently attack their section chief, Chief Joseph Kailie  in the bid to carry out their nocturnal activities. Contributing to a popular program, 'Wake Up Call' on radio New Song 97.5 FM on Monday morning, callers residing at the Kebbie town section, call to say that at 2:00 am the residence of their chief was violently attacked by unknown armed robbers who were three in number and the youths in the area raised alarm alerting the police who did not waste time to get to the area' like hungry lions' and were able to arrest two with the third man running away beyond reach. Some of the police who went to the scene lauded the efforts of the community [...]