On the re-opening of SLPP Office … “We would never encourage violence” John Benjamin...

All eyes were on the new kid on the block, the National Grand Coalition (NGC) this weekend as they elected their flag-bearer for the upcoming March 2018 election. On Saturday 11 November 2017, 69 members of the Interim National Trustee Council (INTC) of the National Grand Coalition (NGC) elected Kandeh Kolleh Yumkellah to be their[…]

The Manager of Opportunity Training Centre in Kenema, Hawa Koroma, a seamstress, said political leaders don’t care for people with disabilities. According to her, being disabled does not prevent them from being able to perform their various task as human beings. She continued, “The actions of leaders and other stakeholders in society are unfair towards[…]

After the landslide, mudslide and flooding on 14 August 2017, camps of tents were set up to house displaced people. The Office of National Security (ONS) over the weekend engaged with displaced victims at the various camps in Freetown on dispatch plans and procedures for the closing down of the camps on 15 November 2017.[…]

“Sciences, Technology and Innovation (STI) provide key answers to build peace and bolster sustainable development,” said Irina Bokova, Director-General of the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in her message. Under UNESCO auspices, the World Science Day for Peace and Development was celebrated worldwide on 10 November 2017. Integrated science is essential to strengthen[…]

Traditional authorities in Kailahun and Kenema have thrown their support for female aspirants seeking elective positions for the 2018 election. Speaking to the Deputy Mamie Queen of Luawa Chiefdom, Kailahun, Elizabeth Sowei Vandi, “Empowering women at this time is necessary considering the time men have dominated the governance process. Women have always been in the[…]

Small Holder Farmers are fostering agriculture and nutrition in eastern and northern Sierra Leone through nurseries and out-planting for improved varieties of cocoa, coffee, cashew and grafted fruit trees. The European Union, Welthungerhilfe Coopi and Inter Aid are funding the ProAct project which is targeting men and women with support to agriculture diversification while also[…]

Teachers need to be at the centre of educational reform but the Sherbro Island of Bonthe district is currently facing a serious case of teacher attrition. Teachers are leaving the profession, which puts education at risk. Without paid, qualified, competent teachers, children suffer… and the country suffers in the long run. The acting Principal of[…]

On 9 November 2017 the United Nations agriculture agency said that the cost of importing food is rising in 2017, driven by increased international demand for most food stuffs, as well as higher freight charges. While food commodity prices have been generally stable, the cost of importing food is forecast to rise 6% in 2017[…]

Participants at the just ended workshop on the use of satellite data for Ocean Health and fisheries have given a thumbs-up to the entire session as they said it featured four panel experts who addressed the state of the ocean and its impacts on Life and security. Attended by over 300 marine scientists, the delegates also examined the link between fisheries and ecosystem health, co-relation between fisheries and security, resources and tools for using satellite data products. Delegates in a communiqué, agreed that the meeting increased the awareness about satellite data products as well as other existing and emerging observation products and tools and established a dialogue between data providers and data users on activities and needs across the ocean sector with a focus on [...]
President Ernest Koroma of Sierra Leone has been urged to leave a 'democratic legacy' in the country as he steps down from power next year. The country is gearing up for what could turn out to be closely fought presidential, parliamentary and local elections in March 2018. The former Director-General of the UN Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO), Dr Kandeh K.Yumkella, who is preparing to vie for the presidency, told the Ghana News Agency (GNA) in a recent interview in London that President Koroma should follow in the footsteps of the late President Tejan Kabbah. He said President Kabbah, who came to power towards the end of Sierra Leone's civil war in 1996, “sued for peace, worked on building key institutions and maintained the democratic process”. He added that [...]