On the re-opening of SLPP Office … “We would never encourage violence” John Benjamin...

Paramount Chiefs (PCs) in Kailahun District were recognised through their initiative in drafting of the bye-laws that were replicated throughout the Country that helped in the fight against the deadly haemorrhagic ebola virus disease which took the lives of many meaningful Sierra Leoneans. With the increase in number of alleged rape cases, unlawful killing of[…]

Nigerian High Commission and its community in Sierra Leone celebrated their 55th Independence Anniversary in a grand ceremony held at the Nigerian Chancery at Hill Station in Freetown, witnessed by the diplomatic corps in the country, government dignitaries, Inspector General of Police among many others. In her statement Nigeria’s High Commissioner to Sierra Leone Gladys[…]

The Ministry of Finance and Economic Development has started the 2016 fiscal year budget discussions with Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDA’s) and civil society groups at Miata Conference Center in Freetown. The session was chaired by the Secretary to Cabinet and Head of Civil Service Ernest Surur who spoke about the current fiscal position of[…]

Chinese Ambassador Zhao Yanbo in his speech to celebrate China’s 66th Anniversary has said that China and Sierra Leone need each other on their ways to development. He said the advantages complement each other and render each other opportunities. “For example, China is pursuing the going global strategy and promoting global cooperation in terms of[…]

World view: it is simply how you look at the world or how you see the world, your perception of this physical world. It is this perception that determines how we behave. Business dictionary defines perception this way: ‘the process by which people translate  sensory impression into coherent and unified view of the world around[…]

As preliminary investigation of an alleged fraud case involving Kadiatu Turay, the complainant and Fatmata Kabia the accused continues, Ibrahim Turay, brother of the complainant disclosed last Thursday to the court that the accused asked them to pay twelve thousand dollars ($12,000) each for an American visa. In his testimony before Magistrate Komba Kamanda of Magistrate Court No. 1, the witness said that he came to know the accused through a lady named Mary at Waterloo who informed them that the accused can issue American visas to people. On contacting the accused, the witness went on to say that she asked them to pay twelve thousand dollars for the said visa, adding that since they wanted two visas, they were to pay twenty four thousand dollars in all. “After negotiation [...]
It's over eighteen (18) months now since the dreaded Ebola virus disease hit the sub-region, starting off in the neighbouring sister Republic of Guinea, thence through Liberia and unto Sierra Leone. To say that its wake caught our healthcare delivery infrastructure pants down would be a serious understatement, because beyond the buildings and the uniformed personnel manning them, we had absolutely nothing  (“arrarrah!!!!” - as we would say in Krio).  And as we later proved, beyond the politically influenced high sounding “official” directorate titles they carried (and of course a dexterity to dissipate subventions from both the Consolidated and donor support funds through endless “talk shops”), those on whom responsibility for our medical care devolved almost [...]
One of the reasons for the widespread ebola virus in Sierra Leone the defunct nationwide surveillance mechanism. However, with the advent of the outbreak, surveillance structures were deemed necessary to contain the disease. It is against this backdrop that the Red Cross' Community Event Based Surveillance (CEBS) was born to monitor key areas that have the potential to spread nationwide or cause any major disruption within a defined community. Quite recently, Red Cross donated 24 customized XL motorbikes, rain and protective gears to volunteer supervisors based in Port Loko. Speaking on behalf of the District Medical Officer, Albert Callous Kamara District Surveillance Officer (DSO) said that the people of Port Loko are very appreciative of Red Cross, adding, “They've left [...]
At the end of the two days multi-stakeholders conference on the Voluntary Guidelines on the responsible Governance of Tenure (VGGT), participants have recommended that the the land tenure policy be adopted before the end of 2015. The participants of the Multi-stakeholder Platform for VGGT implementation in Sierra Leone who were drawn from government, traditional leaders, civil society, farmer organizations, landowners, religious groups, private sector, local councils, agencies, INGO's and academia, convened at Shangri-La in Freetown, Sierra Leone. It was also recommended that they broaden engagement in the VGGT implementation and to make an effort to include those who have not been sufficiently participating, especially women, private sector, vulnerable groups and youth. They [...]

As the Leader and Chairman of the Alliance Democratic Party (ADP) Mohamed Kamarainba Mansaray wrote to the Inspector General of Police for clearance for a peaceful demonstration against the decision of the Supreme Court that President Koroma has the power to remove his vice President, the Secretary General of the same party David Gbla has[…]