On the re-opening of SLPP Office … “We would never encourage violence” John Benjamin...

Vice President Victor Foh opened the former Kimbima Hotel for business last Tuesday after a massive cash injection of $9.87million provided for its refurbishment by the National Social Security and Insurance Trust (NASSIT). Christened with a new name – Golden Tulip Essential Kimbima – the NASSIT Director of Investment and Projects Dr. Brima Baimba Kargbo[…]

The Engineer In-Charge of Magburuka Electrification Project, Edrick Saidu said that in the next two weeks they would light Magburuka township. He explained that the project, which is under the auspices of acting Director General, Alhaji Timbo, involves the construction of 11 kilometers of Medium Voltage lines and the installation of 13 transformers within the[…]

The newly appointed Anti-Corruption Commissioner, Ady Macauley revealed to journalists that he is ready to go after a fly or a tiger relating to the fight against corruption. The Commissioner made this statement during a press conference organised by the Anti- Corruption Commission (ACC) at their Gloucester Street office in Freetown. Ady Macauley maintained that[…]

The Coordinator, Health for all Coalition, Victor Lansana Koroma has called on Government and health partners to invest more resources in order to maintain progress in the fight against malaria. He made this call during the commemoration of World Malaria Day, held at the Miatta Conference Hall on Monday 25th where he praised the efforts[…]

As part of their mediation role, Youth Arise for Rural Development, Empowerment and Peace Building (YARDEPB) over the weekend held Town Hall meetings at the Sabanor Complex, Russel village along the Waterloo-Tombo high-way in Western Rural. According to the Executive Director of YARDEPB, Adams Kamara, the purpose of the meeting was to raise awareness among[…]

As Save the Children International (SCI) launched the Every Last Child Campaign, the United Nations General Assembly Child Ambassador for SCI, Mariam Samai has said that community members should start representing parents. She said so while she was doing a power point presentation on the Sierra Leone perspective of the campaign during the launching ceremony at the Miata Conference Centre in Freetown, citing the United Nations Development Programme’s report, which states that ‘there is 65% increase in teenage pregnancy in the country’. Miss Samai said that sensitization is very key in addressing this issue. She also said that fourteen thousand girls, according to the Ministry of Health and Sanitation, got pregnant during the ebola outbreak, asking where the country’s [...]
As parts of Sierra Leone’s 55th Independence celebration and the 10th year anniversary of the organisation, AdvocAid on Tuesday made a donation of assorted toiletries, recreational games, ebola prevention materials and celebratory food to juveniles and female inmates in the Sierra Leone correctional centres and remand homes, respectively. Executive Director of AdvocAID, Madam Simitie Lavaly while giving an overview of the ceremony at the female correctional centre in Freetown, said the purpose of the event in the different parts of the country was to celebrate with inmates and juveniles who are reflecting on Independence while in incarceration which will serve as an encouragement for girls and women who are in conflict with the law. “We are delighted to be sharing this day [...]
While he was defending the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) from blames by some parliamentarians that they were off target, massive deforestation, so many plastic and rubber wastes, among others, the Director of EPA, Mr. Momodu Alrashid Bah said “putting stop to deforestation and managing waste is not our responsibility”. According to Hon. Alhassan Kamara representing Constituency 96, “if EPA is really what they are, anything concerning environment should be their mandate”, stating that Sierra Leone is a victim of injustice; “we are a low emission country”. “I will not be surprised if we started to have land slides within the next two decades”, advising that the EPA should look at the country’s local context and bring in legislation; that every household [...]
Tickling rains and bright sunshine continue to be London's spring time as the capital emerges from the 90th birthday celebrations of the Queen and state functions of the visit of US President Obama. The raging British debate as to whether Britain should quit the European Union rolls on and it would be decided by a June 23 referendum. There is however now a low period in the British capital. The mayoral election is up on May 6 and the hopefuls have been narrowed to Labour's Sadiq Khan and Conservative's Zac Goldsmith. Outgoing Boris Johnson is out of the race as he has already served for two terms. Everybody's attention is caught on as to who would win although the tabloids have tipped Khan, a human rights lawyer as likely winner. On the Sierra Leone front, many nationals are [...]
When Dr. Paul Farmer said, “The idea that some lives matter less is the root of all that’s wrong with the world,” in many ways is very apt for the Sierra Leonean situation. Most times when people in authority make monumental blunders, it is the depraved and marginalized that bear the brunt. Just look at the disparity between the western and eastern parts of Freetown especially in public service delivery…take roads, take water, take electricity, take Medicare. This country has witnessed many too often violence, some of which emanating from injustice to the poor and down trodden. What for a long time has condoned corruption is impunity. ‘Dem say kill dog, befoe dog, mek dog know say die dae.’ But this is a country where wrong doing is compensated with promotions. Only [...]