On the re-opening of SLPP Office … “We would never encourage violence” John Benjamin...

The Attorney General and Minister of Justice, Charles Francis Margai, said he will work together with judges to solve issues around petty crimes. He said instead of sending offenders to prisons for minor offences it would be good to do community services or other options. Attorney General Margai said he will work with the judiciary[…]

The size of debt of Sierra Leone has risen from 40 to 63% of GDP, in two years (2015/17) according to the 17th Edition of the World Bank report titled, “Africa’s Pulse, an analysis on issues shaping the continent’s economic future. The 88-page World Bank report on Africa’s economic future was prepared by the Office[…]

The newly appointed leader of the Coalition for Change (C4C) Party in Parliament, Honourable Sahr Emmerson Lamina, of Constituency 030 in Kono, said they will support the best candidate for the Speaker position. “With my experience in governance issues, my colleague MPs from Kono representing the C4C party, unanimously endorsed me as their Leader in[…]

Sierra Leone will be amongst other nations to benefit from the Commonwealth Trade Finance Credit Facility. The $100 million USD Commonwealth Trade Finance Credit Facility will ensure that smaller nations within the Commonwealth have access to global markets. The Credit Facility is one of many measures discussed during the Commonwealth Foreign Ministers’ Meeting at the[…]

It’s estimated that there are more than 300,000 stray dogs in the Freetown area. Many of these strays are unhealthy and some are dangerous. The strays along the beach are also an eyesore and a turnoff for tourists and visitors. There’s one organization working on these issues. No one knows more about stray dogs, unhealthy[…]

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is currently working to determine whether the wastewater produced by the Sierra Leone Brewery Limited (SLBL) posses any environmental hazard to the community. Recently, residents within the Wellington Estate community complained about wastewater discharged from the Brewery treatment tank. This ugly situation attracted the attention of the media and the[…]

The head coach of Sierra Leone Shooting Stars Ken Tabi has assured the Sierra Leonean U20 team of qualifying for the next stage of the competition come Saturday 21st April, 2018 at the Bo Coronation. He went further to call on Sierra Leoneans to come out in their numbers to support the team because they[…]

Dr Xiong Bangwen is a Chinese doctor who’s won respect and admiration in Sierra Leone for his extraordinary medical skills and dedication during his deployment. “He is a good Chinese doctor who devoted himself to his work. We really appreciate it that the Chinese government can send him, an excellent surgeon, to our hospital,” said[…]

Central One Football Association (COFA) inter super community league which resumed days ago, will continue today Friday with Dove Cut playing against Soja Tong. On Saturday 21st April, the Secretary General Philipson Cline Cole said Fourah bay will play against Leicester City and on Sunday Grafton will engage Kuntorloh in another exciting match. He also stated that since the league resumed most of the matches played so far have been drawn since none of the communities want to lose a match now in the league. Friday April 20, 2018.
Sierra Leone's National cricket team has failed to qualify for the regional tournament. Two countries need to qualify in the ICC World T20 Africa qualifier A in Lagos. Four countries including the host Nigeria, Ghana, Sierra Leone and the Gambia took part in the tournament. Each country is expected to play 6 matches to reach the regional tournament and each of them have played 4 matches so far Ghana has won all their four matches securing 8 points. In second position is Nigeria securing 6 points from four matches, while Sierra Leone lies in third position with 2 points from the same four matches and the Gambia are last with no points. Mohamed Issa who has been following the Cricket tournament in Lagos said that he was disappointed by the way Sierra Leone lost to Nigeria in [...]