On the re-opening of SLPP Office … “We would never encourage violence” John Benjamin...
Neufville Christian Academy School at Metcham and Life Church Ministries Church was on Saturday 13th January 2018 partially demolished and some properties looted. The proprietor of the school and overseer of the church a Liberian National Samuel D Neufville said he was shocked last Saturday when court bailiff assisted by Police personnel demolished the school structure and the Church which are in the same compound. “They also carted away computers and other learning materials” pointing out that the school has 400 children with 34 teachers. “We did not receive any court order for the eviction of the school,” he complained adding, “We have lost properties worth Billions of Leones pastor.” Pastor Samuel D Neufville, a Liberian national, acknowledged that the land is [...]
Cross section of Women in Sierra Leone has expressed dissatisfaction and disappointment over the manner symbols were awarded to female aspirants for the March 2018 election. After engagements, signing of commitments, assurances and undertakings on both national and International instruments in promoting women participation in politics, women are still under-represented in party symbols. There are rumors and complaints from aspiring female councilors from both APC and SLPP, that their parties had robbed them of symbols, which they had won from constituency and district elections. Many of those complaints were taken to the 50/50 women's advocacy group to continue lobbying and engagement with political parties for further clarifications on the said allegations. The Secretary [...]
On 1 January 2018, nearly 386,000 babies were born around the world on New Year's Day, according to UNICEF. In Sierra Leone, 716 births were recorded on 1 January 2018, UNICEF stated. UNICEF called on nations around the world to make sure more newborns survive their first days of life. “This New Year, UNICEF's resolution is to help give every child more than an hour, more than a day, more than a month – more than survival,” Stefan Peterson, UNICEF's Chief of Health, said. Peterson continued that while many babies will survive, some will not make it past their first day. At a maternal mortality ratio of 1165 per 10000 live births, neonatal and under-five mortality rate of 39 and 156 per 1000 live births respectively and an adolescent birth rate of 125.1 per 1000 women [...]
The Sierra Leone People's Party (SLPP) has nominated Sheku Fadika to contest for the position of Chair of the Western Area Rural District Council. Fadika is an associate lecturer with over 14 years experience at Fourah Bay College (FBC), University of Sierra Leone (USL), and has written and lectured extensively on Public Finance, Aids, Taxation and Economics. He is the author of “Does food aid, aid? A case study of Sierra Leone”, and “Revenue Leakages Reduction Scheme”. He is presently a Doctorate candidate in Taxation, at Washington Institute for Graduate Studies USA, and Msc holder in Management, Economics, Environment and Policy from Wageningen University, NL. His nomination on Sunday 14 January 2018 climaxed the end of nominations for all local council positions [...]
Well the APC and the SLPP Mayoral candidates won their case for NEC to transfer their registration from rural to urban to enable them to see their political bid through. The spate of nominations round the country have increased boisterous noisy atmospheres especially with the banging of pot covers in a very bizarre way. When we clamor for the review of the Public Order Act of 1965, we should start letting people know the acts that are not allowed by that Act. A participant recently said, “Naming and shaming is no more effective since most of our politicians are too shameless.” This was what a participant at a recent workshop on the political Parties Code of Conduct said. The All People's Congress can take ten years and occupy all the media in Sierra Leone to justify the [...]
Members of the Alliance Democratic Party (ADP) youth wing executive have on Saturday denounced their membership from the Party In a letter dated 13 January 2018, the Chair of the Youth Wing of the Party wrote, “I am strongly resigning my position and membership of the Party because of the lack of consultations and concerns for party membership/stalwarts”. He said in the letter that the Party does not seem to be focussing on national interest but individual interests. He said his decision was not based on influence from other political parties even though he has been approached by some opposition to join them. According to Chief Admin of the National Youth, Abubakarr Saymah, the ADP leader has not kept his promise to them as members of the youth wing. He accused him of [...]
The Political Parties Registration Commission (PPRC) told the Citizen's Democratic Party (CDP) to remove political billboards of Musa Tarawally that depicted a religious connotation. The Public Relations Officer of PPRC, Lucien Momoh, said that if CDP fail to adhere to their call, actions would be taken. However the deadline has passed for CDP to remove the signs or do the necessary changes to their poster campaign tagline. The United Council of Islam (UCI) Sierra Leone has condemned the reactions made by some sheiks over the media that calls on Muslims to protest in relations to the PPRC requesting the CDP to remove posters bearing the symbol "Allah is one." A press release signed by the president of UCI, Mohamed Habib Sheriff, reads: "We the United Council of Imams and the [...]
The UN agency responsible for health has recommended a new policy for the length of bladder catheterization following surgical repair of a simple obstetric urinary fistula. The current length of catheterization is not standard and ranges from 5 to 42 days. The new guidance recommends a 7–10 day period of bladder catheterization to allow complete healing. According to a statement issued last week announcing the new guidelines, it stated that the longer periods of catheterization can be inconvenient for the woman, her family and care providers as it is associated with more discomfort and inconvenience. And, it also increases the risk of infection and erosion related to catheterization, requires more intensive nursing care and costs more per patient. “Leaving women to suffer [...]
The Chinese Embassy has donated $10,000 USD to the Ballanta Music Academy. The Deputy Ambassador of the Embassy of the People's Republic of China, Wang Xin Min, responded to an appeal for funds towards the construction of a mini-auditorium at the Ballanta Academy of Music on Liverpool Street. The mini-auditorium will seat 150 when completed, and will be an attractive and intimate venue for performances, lectures, exhibitions and other social activities which will not only showcase the work of the academy but serve other interested individuals and groups in the community. In the twenty-two years of its existence the Academy has grown significantly in music performance and music education, supporting churches, bands, schools and individuals to enjoy the art of music. The embassy [...]
Between 29 - 30 December 2017, at Manfred Lane in Kissy Road, it was alleged that Ishmael Kallon obtained the sum of Le82 million from Osman Bangura by falsely pretending that he would invest in another business. The complainant Osman Bangura is a 22-year old pupil at the Sir Winston International Secondary School in Kissy. The accused was charged with Obtaining Money by False Pretence and Conspiracy. On 15 January 2018, he appeared in front of Magistrate Albert Moody of the Freetown Magistrate Court No.1. While testifying in Court, Osman Bangura said on the date in question, the accused met him in their Business Centre at around 11:00 a.m., with a friend of his known as Jayroy. According to the witness, the accused told him that he has goods at the Queen Elizabeth Quay 2 and [...]