On the re-opening of SLPP Office … “We would never encourage violence” John Benjamin...

The former Chief Electoral Commissioner of the National Electoral Commission (NEC), Christiana Thorpe describes her experience in the Commission as very enriching one, noting that she had to take certain critical decisions in the interest of the democratic development of Sierra Leone. This and other reflections were made to Awoko on Tuesday during an interview[...]

Several passengers, mostly Sierra Leoneans from various parts of Africa and Europe have registered their disappointment over the cancellation of flights by Gambia Bird airways, which has left them stranded, and unable to go to their different destinations. This protest started on Monday 18th August, when over 10 of the affected passengers called on the[...]

The world Health Organization in accordance with International Health Regulations (2005) Emergency Committee recommendations has said that states with Ebola transmission like Sierra Leone, should conduct exist screening of all persons at International airports, seaport and major land crossings, for unexplained verile illness consistent with potential Ebola infection. This statement was made by the WHO[...]

In recognition of the work the Sierra Leone Police (SLP) is doing in providing security to government hospitals, quarantine homes, Ebola treatment and isolation centers, a Non-Governmental Organization, Street Child, has presented 130 plastic buckets with taps and Chlorine for every Police Station and Post in Freetown. Street Child is the second organization that has[...]

Member of Parliament for Constituency 07 in Kailahun District, Hon. Abu Jajua has expressed serious concern over the lack of food for people in quarantine areas of his constituency. The Member of Parliament raised this concern in an interview last Tuesday on Eastern Community Radio morning show, 'Am Alive' during which he disclosed that 29 households in the district approved for the food aid have gone for weeks without food making the condition of the inhabitants more precarious. Hon. Jajua stated that no food has been distributed to these quarantined houses and that this is causing misery in the lives of the people. He said the people since their quarantined order have been complying with the order as their movements have been largely restricted. “If people movements and [...]
Amidst increase in the price of basic food commodities in local markets quite recently, one of the world's renowned money transfer institutions, the MoneyGram, has  provided food supplies to King George's VI Home (Old Peoples Home) situated along the Regent-Grafton Road in Western Rural District. The intervention of MoneyGram in salvaging the Old People's Home may not be unconnected with the outbreak of the Ebola Virus Disease, which has seen a dramatic increase in the price of food items; and being an agency that has always demonstrated care for its numerous customers, decided to make the donation yesterday at the premises of King George's Home. Food items including bags of rice, milk, onions and others which were handed over to the management of the Home, with bags of food [...]
Schools are closed and the rainy season is now in full session, what does this mean for many Sierra Leoneans, now that we are faced with the EBOLA outbreak. To many this is the time they cry with a sigh of relief, as water is available to cushion the problem of walking long distances in search of precious water, while for those residing on hill tops and valleys and without proper housing, don't love the rain much, though it provides much-needed water they find it almost impossible to sleep at night especially when there is a heavy downpour. Year in, year out, authorities responsible to manage natural and man-made disasters do sensitize residents in these areas to beware of the dangers of living in these communities without adequate provision to withstand the overflowing [...]
The French Philosopher Jean- Jaque Rousseau, among other things, once said that man was born free but he is everywhere in chains. Indeed, we are all in chains of every shape and form consciously or otherwise. Have you ever tried to assess the affinity between the birth and death? It is very interesting that when a baby is born, it is the one that cries, but when it dies, it is other people that cry for it. Oh how creative is nature? They say that art is permanent and nature is transient. Because of this transience in nature, we should always prepare for unforeseen circumstances. This is why development practitioners go for proactiveness rather than retroactiveness. This brings me to the Freetown City Council and tax collection. By the way, the Councils announcement of their [...]
Majority Leader in Parliament, Hon. Ibrahim Bundu has expressed concern on the devastating dimension to which the Ebola epidemic has devastated the nation and its people for the past three months. In a statement delivered in Parliament on 19th August this year, the Majority Leader told the House, that gratitude should be shown to development partners for all their contributions in the fight against what he called “sinister outbreak of the deadly disease”. He said that every gift, big or small is important in the Ebola fight, and that every assistance is important, especially taking into effect the socio-economic effects of this deadly plague that has created setbacks, which is likely to reverse the hard-won gains of the Agenda for Prosperity. He however expressed dismay [...]
President of the Sierra Leone Laboratory Association (SLLA) has distanced his organization from the alleged falsification of Ebola test results by one of its members at the Kenema Government Hospital. Laboratory Technician, Musa Bangura is alleged to have demanded cash payment from patients tested to manipulate their test results. Talking to the media in Kenema city, Rtd. Captain Afiju Kanja recalled that the accused was working as a volunteer at the main referral government hospital in Kenema before pursuing a course in Laboratory Science at the Eastern Polytechnic. He said in the wake of the Ebola outbreak Musa was assigned to the Outpatient Section of the hospital to be doing Malaria Rapid Test on non Ebola suspects. Even though Rtd. Captain Kanja described the incident as [...]