On the re-opening of SLPP Office … “We would never encourage violence” John Benjamin...

The existing rate of blindness in the country is likely to increase, if adequate and expeditious measures are not taken to arrest the after effects of the ebola virus disease treatments meted out to survivors, most of whom are currently complaining of eye-related illnesses. Among many who are enduring these states of blindness in isolation[…]

His particulars of offence reads: “Mohamed Bangura on Thursday 2nd April 2015, at Magbonka village in the Konike Chiefdom in the Tonkolili District engaged in an act of sexual penetration of a [two year old].” Mohamed Bangura is now before the Magburuka Magistrate on a two-count charge of sexual penetration and sexual touching. Since late[…]

Through a contract signed yesterday by the Ministry of Tourism and Cultural Affairs, the 1962 Monuments and Relics Act will be reviewed by Professor Paul Basu of the University College, London’s Institute of Archaeology. The Monuments and relics Act was last reviewed in 1967 and has long been seen as ineffective and outdated. Since the[…]

Street Child Sierra Leone last Saturday in the Bo city provided educational support and learning materials to over 100 children affected by the ebola virus disease (EVD) outbreak. Children living with disabilities and street children also benefitted from the donations. Street Child Sierra Leone since the outbreak of the EVD has been collaborating with the[…]

A newly formed charitable organisation by Sierra Leoneans living abroad “The Orphans Feed Foundation” (TOFF) over the weekend fed over one hundred and fifty children orphaned by the Ebola Virus in Sierra Leone. The feeding program was a voluntary contribution from members of the organisation abroad aimed at helping their brothers and sisters who directly[…]

Chinese Center for Disease Control (CDC) on Monday, 20th April instant, organized ebola training for fifty-one schools in Kossoh, Jui and Grafton villages at the College of Medicine’s main Hall in Jui. Over 100 teachers benefited from the one-day training that was organized to increase the knowledge of the teachers in preventing pupils in their[…]

I have been following with keen interest developments as they unfold as far as Sierra Leone's educational system is concerned. Sequel to this, I am now of the firmest conviction that the country needs to go back to the drawing board in order to robustly address some of the challenges that the country's educational system is grappling with. There is no gainsaying that there is a direct correlation between a country's educational potency and its development aspirations. Against this backdrop, it is more than warranted that we discuss this all important “banana skin” that hinges to every extent on Sierra Leone's development agenda.
I have painstakingly observed with curiosity that there is somewhat an existing missing link between the country's current educational [...]

A graffiti scrawled on an office wall in Jo'burg's International airport in South Africa some years back read, ''due to financial restraints, the light at the end of the tunnel will be switched off until further notice.''
Was this an advanced warning of the outburst in South African cities against business run by migrants we are seeing in recent days, and that the King of the Zulus was only used to unleash the doom story?
It remains an ugly scene for South Africa and it will take a considerable period for the government to wash itself off the stain in the continent and elsewhere. Shadows of the current developments have begun appearing in recent times. Have writers forgotten the horrible death suffered by a Mozambican taxi driver in South Africa years back when he [...]

In Africa, most Leaders leave office with little or no sound legacy to be remembered for because while in office they keep around them cronies, sycophants and fanatics who stay in a very unholy alliance and hoodwink the leader to think that all is well. For me I will never blame the guys around the Leadership since it was the Leadership that created and kept them there. This is where also I have a big quarrel with the appointment of positions that are not statutory but are considered even more important than the statutory ones. Most times such positions run parallel with the statutory ones and for the most part make the statutory positions redundant. Someone please tell me, in a country reeling with endemic deprivation, do we need all the bevy of advisers and special [...]

The Presiding Magistrate of Court No.6, Seray Mohamed Wurie has committed the case involving Hannah Turay, a clerk at the Bennie Mix Food Company Sierra Leone Limited to the High Court for trial based on sufficient evidence.
Hannah Turay a resident of Aberdeen in Freetown is charged with one count of embezzlement contrary to Section 17(1) and (6) of the larceny Act of 1916.
According to the particulars of offence, Hannah Turay on a date between 6th and 30th April 2014 at No. 44 Bathurst Street in Freetown, being a clerk to the Bennie Mix Food Company Sierra Leone Limited fraudulently embezzled sixty five Million one hundred and seventy thousand Leones (Le 65, 107,000, 00) received by her on behalf of the said company.
In his committal statement, Magistrate [...]