On the re-opening of SLPP Office … “We would never encourage violence” John Benjamin...

Efforts to identify suspected cases of Ebola at check points has been described by many as flawed due to lack of proper coordination by the Sierra Leone Police and the Military and non-availability of hand washing facility. The Ebola check points according to travellers are poorly managed and operated, whilst some of their locations are[…]

In a bid to properly prepare to tackle the Ebola epidemic in the District of Bo, the district is in need of 30 ambulances and 30 motorcycles. This was revealed by the Medical Officer of the district, Alhaji Dr Seini Turay. The district which is made up of 15 chiefdoms was managing only six ambulances,[…]

The outskirts of Kabala, headquarter town of Koinadugu district is facing an amazing facelift as roads and streets that have not felt the weight of vehicle and motorbike tyres for over three decades are being reconstructed and those cut off for years due to neglect are being brought back to usefulness. This is one major[…]

In the bid to halt and contain the deadly Ebola virus from spreading like wild fire, a one day engagement with traditional leaders dubbed ”Eradicating Ebola Through Sustained Engagement” has been held at the Sierra Leone Teachers Union Hall in Makeni last weekend. The one day engagement with traditional leaders with sponsorship from the US[…]

As the fight against the deadly haemorrhagic Ebola disease continue, a non-governmental organisation operating in the country, Christian Aid, have handed over a huge consignment of chlorine and disposable gloves to the Western Area District Health Management Team (DHMT) as part of their continuous support. Since the outbreak of the disease in the Country in[…]

Save the Children international in collaboration with other non-governmental organisations under the Water Sanitation and Health (WASH) consortium, have enhanced the construction of toilets and water facilities in one of Freetown’s slum areas. The project is part of WASH’s efforts in ensuring proper hygienic practice in slum areas; especially Greybush, where incidences related to improper[…]

The official death from Ebola over the past 3 weeks has more than doubled from 52 to 131 per 7day week. In the 7 day week of 4 to 10th November 52 people died of Ebola according to the NERC figures. This shows a death rate of 12.3%. This increased by 3.6% to 15.9% in[…]

In order to fight the deadly Ebola virus in Sierra Leone, the Nigerian High Commissioner Gladys Modupeola Aquist Adebiyi, has called on Sierra Leoneans to desist from traditional practices for the time being to help break the chain of transmission. She made this statement during an assessment tour of the Nigerian community, a courtesy call[…]

The bilateral relationship between Sierra Leone and India has given birth to another big boost to the country’s relentless effort in the battle staged against the worst viral disease in human history. Being passionate about the struggle Sierra Leone is going through to defeat Ebola that has already claimed hundreds of lives, the Indian government,[…]

The Ebola Czar has blasted striking burial teams in Kenema as playing politics with Ebola. In a furious mood Palo Conteh condemned the act of bringing out dead bodies from the mortuary and laying them on the paths leading to the hospital as unacceptable. We cannot agree more. While we sympathise with his (Palo) frustration of fighting against the odds to make things work; yet we disagree with the reference to politics to describe the behaviour of these workers. In our view the workers simply want to do something which would draw the required attention from the authorities over their plight, and what better way to do this than by doing something shocking. Whereas the act in itself is detestable yet it poses little or no risk to the people. Czar Palo Conteh knows the real issue. [...]