On the re-opening of SLPP Office … “We would never encourage violence” John Benjamin...

There was snow this Sunday morning when I woke up in Southern Germany  the first snow of the year. Bobson Kamara liked snow. He liked goat cheese too, and French dried sausage called saucisson, mussels, foie gras (a forced-fed goose liver pâté that several American states have banned and that many French consider as a[…]

In an earlier piece I questioned the need for further parliamentary scrutiny of appointees who switch Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) within a span of say five (5) years or have their tenures renewed, more especially where the has been no change in the composition of the Parliamentary Appointments Committee (PAC) within that same period. My argument then (which I feel remains germane) was that if the appointees were not worth their oysters, they would not have been re-assigned or re-appointed in the first place. So vetting by the same PAC would seem perfunctory and unnecessary. Scrutiny I quite agree that in between appointments, candidates could have fallen out with the law or even degenerated into civil disrepute which could have [...]
As the 4th quarter of the 2015 distribution of Free Health Care (FHC) drugs is already in progress to various health facilities around the country, the Managing Director of NPPU disclosed that storage facility is a huge challenge. Jack Lansana, who is the Managing Director for the National Pharmaceutical Procurement Unit (NPPU), made this disclosure while updating newsmen on the current distribution exercise of FHC drugs around the country including accomplishments, challenges and the way forward of improving services, regarding procurement, storage, distribution as well as monitoring of the drugs and supplies to target beneficiaries. He said despite services have been improved in procurement and distribution, there is a need to also improve on paper and electronic reporting [...]
Alexandra Buckle, Elder brother of late Sydney Buckle (DJ Cleff) yesterday 26th November testified as 4th prosecution witness on the ongoing murder trial of his brother who was allegedly murdered while attending the birthday party of the 3rd accused, Avril Oreh Renner. The three accused, Baimba Moi Foray aka L A Chocolate, Foday Kamara and Avril Oreh Renner are charged to court for allegedly conspiring to murder the deceased, DJ Cleff, at a party organized by the 3rd accused Oreh Renner at the residence of the 1st accused, LAC in May 2015. PW 4 Alexandra Buckle told the court that he recognized the 1st and 3rd accused and recalled that on 29th May 2015, a friend of his brother visited him who informed him that they cannot locate the whereabouts of DJ Clef and immediately he [...]
Sierra Leone football Association (SLFA) in a press release has stated that they have banned 9 football administrators for violent conduct on its Vice President and 3 senior officials. The 9 officials are Sadick Deen Nyarko, Chairman, Bo district FA,John Dissa, veteran, Kasho, J Holland Cole, Acting Secretary Western Area,Lamin Lambert Sesay, Secretary, Bo district FA, Edison Sharka, Secretary, Southern Region FA, Samuel Kamara, Chairman, Southern Region FA, Ibrahim Jalloh, Chairman, Pujehun District FA,Tamba Gbetuwa, former Chairman, Moyamba District FA and Joseph Mbogba, Secretary, Moyamba District FA. The released stated that on the 23rd November 2015 at the Pujehun/Bo highway In the Southern Region of Sierra Leone, Brima Mazola Kamara, Vice President of the Sierra Leone [...]
Sierra Leone Athletics Association (SLAA) will be hosting ECOWAS games. This was disclosed to Awoko Sports desk over the weekend. In connection with this games, the Ministry of Sports and Sports Council are working with the Abdul Karim Sesay executive to be sure that they games become a success. Reason being that the minister of Sports, Paul Kamara, has said that the ministry still recognizes Abdul Karim Sesay as the legitimate President of Sierra Leone Athletics Association (SLAA). He said the election that was conducted on 20th November at the Hill Valley Hotel in Freetown by the so called stakeholders of SLAA is an illegal congress. The Ministry of Sports and the Sports Council are not aware of such congress which does not have the blessing of the ministry and the [...]

Early this year, President Ernest Bai Koroma, using his ‘Supreme Executive Authority’ fired erstwhile Vice President, Alhaji Sam Sumana from office. The term ‘Supreme Executive Authority’ was so vague that it sparked lots of controversies in public sphere; eventually the issue was settled by judicial interpretation of the term. However, Civil Society Organizations (CSO’s) are[…]

Serge Muller who prior to the rebel war and during the rebel in Sierra Leone headed the diamond miner  Rex Mining has been extradited to Brussels on alleged charges of cocaine trafficking and money laundering. The Belgian millionaire used to mine around the Zimmi area until the rebel war forced them to close operations in[…]

Israeli billionaire Beny Steinmetz who owns the parent company Beny Steinmetz Group (BSGR) which owns Octea mining which was formerly called Koidu Holdings has won the first leg of a legal tussle which is at the heart of the diamond miners troubles. The issue is reported to date back in 1997 when Australian mining giant[…]

Sierra Leone Brewery has posted a massive loss of Le33.7billion (Le33,757,392,000.00) from its operations in 2014. The beer brewer slipped by Le33.3billion from a Le363.1million profit in 2013 to a loss of Le33.7billion in 2014. Net revenue dropped by 12.4% from Le63.9 billion in 2013 to Le55.9 billion, something that the Chairman of the Board,[…]