On the re-opening of SLPP Office … “We would never encourage violence” John Benjamin...

The Ebola mobilization fight has witnessed a sharp drop in recent weeks, as community leaders including local government bodies in Kailahun District have withdrawn their participation on allegations of being sidelined in decision- making and implementation. This was discovered by Awoko during different interactions with stakeholders in the district concerning the successes and challenges in[...]

Hell broke loose in Kenema city Friday afternoon, 25th July 2014 when a mentally impaired former MCH Aid Nurse from Moyamba told a group of women fish mongers and onlookers at the Kenema city market that the much trumpeted Ebola virus is a scam and a political gimmick. Theresa Christiana Rosaline Sumaila also stated that[...]

The Peace Corps yesterday Wednesday announced on its website that “it is temporarily removing its volunteers from Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea due to the increasing spread of the Ebola virus.” The statement on the website notes that the Peace Corps “has been and will continue to closely monitor the outbreak of the virus in[...]

It seems like every day the Ebola situation in this country is becoming more and more severe. Every time I feel that I’ve finally caught up with all the facts and figures, my comfort is derailed by news of yet another travesty. Today that travesty was the death of Dr. Sheik Kahn. Dr. Kahn, an[...]

The survivors of persons killed by the Ebola outbreak in Kailahun District are in dire need of food and clothes in order to be rehabilitated in their communities, as most of their properties and food are being disposed off because of the chemical that was sprayed in the various homes that the deaths occurred. This[...]

When a Commander of an army battalion falls in the height of a battle against an invading army, that defending army will certainly be disarrayed, confused and put in a crisis point. For us and the Ebola menace we are battling with, it has certainly reached crisis point as of Tuesday, 29th July when the[...]

The Bombali District Disease Surveillance Officer, Sorie Bundu has confirmed to Awoko that they have so far recorded 5 deaths of Ebola patients in the district with 6 more suspected cases under surveillance, 5 positively confirmed and one probably dead. Sorie Bundu said nearly a week after the Ebola virus was confirmed to have killed a suspected patient who was admitted at the Government referral hospital in Makama on Friday 24th July 2014 under surveillance but later escaped from the hospital and died in the hands of his relatives, his department has been busy if not busier on a daily basis than other departments. The District Diseases surveillance Officer said with all their sensitization messages through radio discussions and road show on handling suspected Ebola patients, [...]
Poverty reduction is the linchpin for achieving all of the other (Millennium Development Goals) MDGs. Poverty levels in Sierra Leone are still very high despite continued Government efforts to reduce the proportion of people whose incomes are below the national poverty line the UNDP report states. The report  states that Government efforts to reduce poverty include formulating and implementing development strategies and policies for accelerating growth and investment in areas important to the poor such as agriculture, essential social services, employment and industry, mitigating rising income inequalities and data collection for poverty monitoring and evaluation. “Absolute poverty fell to 60% by 2007 from around 70% following the war, but in order for MDG 1 to be met, [...]
For a Civil Society Organization managed by young and talented professionals, the Center for Accountability and the Rule of Law (CARL) is visible, active, and very resourceful, to the extent that they are occasionally consulted by the government in areas of sound democratic governance and civil liberties. All of that including their striking international networks in my humble opinion, enviably puts them in pole position among others within the same bracket. But even as you read this, I cannot put faces to the names of their office bearers, because I haven't had the privilege of meeting any of them yet. Radio Advert That sublime ranking and their potentials however, stand threatened if they do not change the negative inference in a long running advert over Radio Democracy [...]
Members of the Foursquare Gospel Church Freetown, on Sunday showed love to their neighbours by sharing food and other gifts to their neighbours. The theme of the “Neighbours Sunday” which was preached by Pastor-in-Charge, Pastor Peter Kargbo was “show good wishes to others”. He expounded on the fact that we should all be our brothers keeper at all times and stressed that we should love others as God loves us. “If God did not love us, would he have sent his only son to die for us”? he asked. He called on the congregation to put aside all human weaknesses of not caring about the next person but instead remember that they are human like them and need good wishes from them. The Pastor also called on them to understand that the church cares for the neighbours at [...]