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F.M. Minah’s son appointed deputy minister

The son of the late one time APC strongman Francis Mishek Minah, Vandi Chidi, was yesterday interviewed for the position of deputy Foreign Affairs minister.
The Parliamentary and Public Service Commission interviewed the presidential nominee at Committee Room No1.
The nominee told the committee that with his modest ability in the United Nations system, he could be of great assistance to the ministry and country.
Asked by Hon Ibrahim Bundu how he intended with his experience internationally to interpret that in his new engagements he answered: “the position Sierra Leone finds itself currently is one of a state returning from a protracted conflict. We have made considerable progress in our national development, however it is quite clear that the international community or some segments of it still consider us a failed state or near failed state”
Part of what he intended doing if confirmed as deputy Foreign Affairs minister he said, “is to ensure that Sierra Leone gets due credit for the progress made to date and also get the attention it deserves in the international arena to ensure that the gains we have made so far are secured and the achievements we hope to make for the future become a reality.”
With his experience at the United Nations he explained that, “I have had the opportunity to work in several parts of the world recovering from conflict, political strife and have seen what the engaged and sustained international community can do by changing those failed states or nearly failed states. I hope with my modest ability I will help the minister engage the international community and also provide the same measure or focused sustained attention that we deserve as a nation.”
Asked by Hon Ibrahim Sorie of the APC whether it was because the subject of review of grade and level that was not met was because he was leaving his UN job he answered, “the primary reason why I now have to resign from the UN is that according to the constitution of Sierra Leone and the rules of the UN you cannot be an international civil servant or hold any national position of importance whilst serving with the UN. In another words my leaving the UN is not linked to frustration over grade level or salary or position, currently I am at a grade which am satisfied with as I now function as a legal adviser to the whole UN system in Sierra Leone and I have several offers to other missions including Darfur which would have been at a higher level. I have no conflict with my present employers over my grade level or remuneration. I leave for national service and no other reason.”
The presidential nominee has got 10 years experience in the UN system and has worked in East Timor, USA, Bosnia and Croatia.
He is expected to be approved by parliament today.

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