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Green Scenery Ends Training of Trainers’ Session for Okada Riders

For the past two weeks, the halls of GGEMS at John Street have been a busy place from the ins and outs of the Western Area Executive members of the Commercial motorbike drivers.
Building the capacity of Commercial Motorbike drivers in other parts of the country for the past two years, Green Scenery has eventually reached out to the largest group in the country – the western area commercial motorbike drivers.
A total of 50 persons representing 20 commercial bike parks in western area, from Waterloo through Up Gun to Ogu Farm, have just concluded training in critical areas intended to transform the outlook of the much black-labeled Commercial Motorbike drivers. The core training focused on human rights, rule of law, democracy, peace building, and leadership. Traffic law and comportment were other issues dealt with.
A number of facilitators including the police, lawyers and lecturer engaged the bike riders for the two-week long event. The Chairman of the Riders Association expressed satisfaction over the training. He commended Green Scenery as the only organization that has come this far to support them by providing the required leadership that will enhance their organization’s development. He implored Green Scenery to continue the good work as this will surely contribute to national development. “Green Scenery has proved to us that all is not lost for youths but that there are opportunities to tap at national level if we as youths and particularly bike riders are organized.”
Joe Rahall, the executive director of Green Scenery thanked all the facilitators and participants for the keen interest all have shown in the exercise and the contribution of everyone during the training period.Rahall told participants that Green Scenery has just started the 1000 mile journey with the Western Area bike drivers. His organization he said have affected similar training in Bo and Makeni where it was apparent as in the case of the Western Area that Commercial Bike drivers need to organize themselves into a union that will be empowered to intervene and negotiate on their behalf. Rahall said this was possible but needed a well-transformed association, well organized to take on challenges that lie ahead.  He encouraged the park executives to put together their action plans for the up coming focused group meetings which will be attended  by them and intended to target the larger bike driver’s group.

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