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In Kailahun:“Tigo Spot”, still a concern

Kailahun Roads are among the most terrible roads in the country yet the situation has not attracted relevant authorities for swift action, and for years no major repairs have been done by the Sierra Leone Roads Authority (SLRA) on roads in Kailahun.
The situation along “Tigo Spot” that stretches few miles to Kailahun town is in terrible condition causing serious difficulties for motorists and pedestrians.
The terrible road condition in Kailahun District has negatively impacted on the local economy as the cost for basic commodities have tripled compared to other parts of the country.
Local entrepreneurs in Kailahun interviewed by this reporter said escalation of prices for basic commodities in Kailahun is as a result of the terrible road networks within the District as transport fares are very exorbitant.
A businessman selling provisions and other basics items adjacent the Kailahun Court Barray, Mohamed Ngobeh “we sell a bundle of purified water for Le 6,000.00 (six thousand Leones) while in Freetown it is sold for Le 2,500.00 (two thousand five hundred Leones), a bottle of soft drink is also sold at Le2, 500.00 (two thousand five hundred Leones) in Kailahun.”
Mohamed said lack of basic facilities like pipe borne water, electricity and good road network has greatly hampered development drive within the District, adding that cacao and coffee which are major produce of the area has not boosted the local economy due to lack of competitive market.
Members of the Commercial Bike Riders Association also disclosed to this reporter that they normally take two or three passengers for a trip so as to supplement the fuel cost and repairs. The roads are terrible in the Kailahun District they lamented.
Most of the Commercial Bike Riders plying the roads do not also seem to have helmets and other protective gears before venturing the terrible roads, Police sources say there is high rate of motor cycle accidents within the District.
Market women also expressed concern about the terrible road network explaining further that most of the local farmers in the interior are constrained to sell their produce to the market as a result of the terrible road network resulting to some harvests especially vegetables and fruits perishing on their farms.
Local farmers said they are not realizing much of their labor after harvest.
The Kailahun District Council Chairman Tom Nyuma said there are other areas within Kailahun that are not even motorable.
The Council Chairman called on the Government to expedite the Kailahun Road rehabilitation so as to expedite the movement of goods and services for rapid economic growth and sustainable development.
By Saidu Bah

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