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First in history! Africell launches 3rd Generation Network

The Management of Africell, courtesy of the Minister of Information and Communications, I.B Kargbo, has launched at Africell Headquarters, for the first time in the history of Sierra Leone, the 3rd Generation Network.
The 3G Service, according to Africell’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Shadi-Al-Garjawi, is powered with cutting-edge technology derived from its partners, Nokia and Siemens, the most outstanding global leaders in 3rd Generation Service.
He said that the service will change the way subscribers use their mobile phones since it will enable richer communication through video calls, adding that the advantage of mobility to the power of internet and facilitate customer access to a reliable, faster internet.
“We are excited about the 3G, as we see it as something that will begin to transform our lives in many ways. The youth of this country comprises over 50% of the population and they are most active internet users and also avid users of facebook, YouTube, BBC, CNN and many other websites .” he said.
Africell’s Administrative Director, Abdul Aziz Gabisi, said that the launch of 3G Service on Africell Network will address the high speed digital needs of the subscribers thus unleashing the power of the internet, create opportunities for education, employment and entertainment, which will empower subscribers and impact their lifestyles.
Making a statement at the launch of the product, the Chairman of NATCOM, Siray Timbo, revealed that Africell has contributed to a very large extent to the development of Information, Communication and Technology Industry in Sierra Leone.
“Subscribing to mobile network in this country, I could say with all certainty that Africell has in diverse ways contributed to the growth and development of ICT’s in Sierra Leone.” He said.
Timbo also stated that Africell’s acquisition of Millicom or Tigo in 2009 saw the rapid expansion of its network to all district headquarter towns in Sierra Leone including Freetown and its immediate environs.
He also said that the company’s network covers over 82% of the populated areas of the country.
In his keynote remarks as the Guest Speaker of the occasion, the Minister of Information and Communications, Ibrahim Ben Kargbo, while speaking on the need to enhance private sector participation in the country’s development agenda, maintained that Africell stands tall among GSM operators that have met their corporate social responsibilities.
“Africell has made us proud as a serious government, taking into consideration the beautification of the Cotton Tree, the construction of an ultra-modern Clock Tower in Makeni, the most beautiful in Sierra Leone, and series of other corporate responsibilities the company has always embarked on.” He said.
Since the inception of Africell in Sierra Leone’s Telecommunications landscape, there has been an unprecedented demand for its service (s), especially among the youths, who are apparently very active in GSM technology.
This growth will be spurred further with the launch of the 3G service which is poised to achieve full universal access to telecom facilities.
By Poindexter Sama

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