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As Segbwema gets new face… Kailahun residents cry for road construction

RoadResidents of Kailahun District have expressed dismay over the poor road condition, linking the district to Kenema district.
The road which is in a deplorable condition even as the rains have just started, while the ISU Korean company has started laying the final surface tar on the Kenema/Pendembu road network.
According to Mariama Allie, a local businesswoman who plies the Kailahun to Pendembu road on a daily basis, she spends a huge sum of money on medical, as the pot holes have been enlarged and the cost of transportation is too expensive, adding that even when the rains are not yet heavy, they find it difficult to use the road, especially the area that is commonly known as ‘Tigo’.
Ibrahim Lansana Kagbanda, Proprietor of Lans Kay Enterprises, opposite the Kailahun Court Barry states that he loses so much on his business, as he is forced to reduce prices on his items which are covered with dust as the roads construction in the town have been abandoned. He explains that the main road linking to Pendembu is nothing to write home about, adding that he was informed that the town roads construction was halted because of lack of funding.
Jonathan Robies, foreman at ISU Korean company, states that their aim is to complete the entire Segbwema and the other towns along the highway, before the rains, as their constrains is due to too many bridges that need proper construction, maintaining that the Sierra Leonean workers are doing extremely well in the road construction.
Residents along the Kenema/ Pendembu road especially those at Segbwema expressed thanks and appreciation to the President for his good work, as part of his agenda for prosperity, which they are now enjoying.
By Alhaji M. Kamara

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