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Sierra Leone: ICASL concludes 25th Anniversary celebration with awards to members

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Sierra Leone (ICASL) over the weekend concluded its 25th Anniversary celebration with the award of certificates to its members at a dinner at the Bank Complex, Kingtom.
In his background to the establishment of the Institute, the President, Claudius Williams-Tucker explained that it was established in 1988 by an Act of Parliament with the mandate to determine and maintain standards of knowledge and skills for professional accountants.
He said membership to the Institute include, professional qualified Accountants certified by reputable accounting bodies, especially from West Africa, the United Kingdom and USA.
Williams-Tucker explained that the ICASL aims at transforming not only its members, but also the practice of accounting in the country. He noted the “high demand for accountants” in the country requires them to train more accountants to meet this growing demand.
The President stated that they are looking forward to improving the knowledge of the members, disclosing that they would be seeking training of their members through the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC), an international accounting association of which ICASL is a member.
Mr. Williams-Tucker pledged his Institute’s partnership with government to ensure that the right accounting policies are in place and that accounting standards are high.
The Minister of State, Finance and Economic Development, Momodu Kargbo paid tribute to the contribution of the Institute and its members in the administration and management of Sierra Leone’s financial resources for the past 25 years.
He noted that in spite of this contribution, which also includes providing management information for decision making and control in the fiscal management of state resources, members should be mindful that they are as well subjected to regulations and professional ethics.
The Minister challenged the members to “rise up to your duty” by ensuring that those who keep financial records and report on the use and management of the nation’s resources are trained and competent to do so.
He called on the institute to be seen as “one that seeks the wider public interest in economic and social development” and not simply as “an association of comrades serving the narrow economic interest of its members.” He maintained that service to the wider public interest should be consistent with the institute’s long term self interest.
The ceremony was climaxed by the award of certificates to Associate and Fellow members of the Institute and also the renaming of the Resource Center after the Former Director and Secretary of Institute Herbert Nelson- Okarafo.
By Betty Milton

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