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Sierra Leone News: Accident in SLAJ Office

SLAJ OfficeYesterday Monday around mid-day a minor accident occurred at the headquarters of the Sierra Leone Association of Journalists (SLAJ) at Campbell Street as part of the ceiling wall collapsed on the Secretary’s desk hitting her on the arm and causing damage to the desktop computer on her desk.
Speaking to Angela Kamanda, the SLAJ Secretary, she explained that she was working on her desk when suddenly debris started falling and that she moved quickly, which was why she was not badly hurt by the fallen concrete wall.
SLAJ’s President, Kelvin Lewis who was having a meeting in the Conference Hall on the second floor above, had to rush out of the meeting to ensure the Secretary was safe and other precautions taken.
Angela was removed from the office and taken for a sound medical check-up, while other furniture were moved to safer areas of the office.
On her return, Angela explained that she was still in shock.
“I left home happy to come and work, but this incident has spoilt my day, as I am now filled with shock and as you can see, am still shaking,” Miss Kamanda said.
She however was thankful that the incident was not major and had caused major injuries to her.
The SLAJ Office is situated on the first floor of 55 Campbell Street. The cement plastering on the ceiling was what gave way apparently due to bad masonry workmanship or it could be that the building is too old.
August 13, 2013

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