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Sierra Leone News: Government to develop National Youth Service -President

President KoromaPresident Ernest Bai Koroma yesterday said that his government is working towards establishing a national youth service.
He made this statement when he was officially launching the 1st youth report and giving his keynote address on the commemoration of the international youth day under the theme ‘youth migration; moving development forward’ at the Miatta conference hall Youyi building.
The President went further to say that Sierra Leone had decided to focus her attention on youth employment and the major reason for youth migration is seeking greener pastures; that is why a national youth employment forum is organised to look into the issues of youths looking for greener pastures, as the country seeks to create these greener pastures by creating synergies between the Private sector and the public sector, as  we believe this is an economic means of effectively empowering our youths and ensure that they play greater role in the development of  their communities and the country as a whole.
The president also said that the 1st Sierra Leone Youth report 2012 will also be launched, as it will provide data analysis on the situation of youths in Sierra Leone, as he has recently appointed a Presidential Youth Aide to ensure regular update on issues affecting youths in this country, and have secured funds through the People’s Republic of China to construct and equip a modern youth village that will serve as a centre of excellence for skills upgrading.
‘The nation can only rise with its youths’ the President emphasized as development is a corporative venture, youths must chose a positive path in whatever they are doing, he therefore  encouraged all ministries department and agencies to mainstream youths and develop program in collaboration with the Ministry of Youth Affairs and the National Youth Commission for Youth.
In his statement, the minister of Youth Affairs Alimamy Kamara said that this day was set aside to look into the issues of youths, their concerns and their aspirations as this nation cannot move forward if the youths are left behind, as they are moving development forward by youth migration.
In that light, youths must be disciplined and honest and zero tolerant to corruption.
He went further to say that his ministry is committed in improving the lives of the youths. And as young people they must start the ball rolling.
He also said that they have identified the Ministry of Fisheries as one that will provide job opportunities for employed youths in the country, as the development of the country rests on the muscles of the youth.
In his statement, the ERSG said that this day has been set aside by the United Nations in recognition of the importance of the youths in enhancing global society, as we also consider and reaffirm ways to engage the youth and ensure that they make positive contributions to their communities.
He added that as a commitment to his five-year action agenda, the secretary- general has also appointed a UN Special Adviser on youths, he also recognised the high priority given by the government in addressing youth employment and youth matters among others.
In a statement on behalf of the donor partners, Sese Gdzekpo from the international finance corporation said that Sierra Leone is part of this encouraging trend in Africa, as “we experienced a double average rate of regional growth as a result Sierra Leone was seen as the fastest growing economy in the world by the IMF and other development agencies. Since the end of the civil conflict Sierra Leone has made strides in getting back on track with its economic development and strong growth”. She went further to say that what is faced in Sierra Leone is an economic growth that has not created the expected required jobs particularly for young people, as 70% of youths in Sierra Leone are unemployed and this clearly this poses a challenge to us all, if Sierra Leone intends to remain on the path of economic development and achieve prosperity for all.
By Nancy Koroma
August 13, 2013

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