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Sierra Leone News: BCC Mayor hosts US Mayor

US Mayor, Bill Kelvin Flaute  receiving a gift from counter partThe Mayor of the Riverside City, Ohaio State in the United States of America, Bill Kelvin Flaute on Wednesday July 17th paid a courtesy call on the Mayor of the City of Bo, Harold Logic Tucker.
Kelvin Bill Flaute is in Sierra Leone to see his son Kelvin Flaute who is a Peace Corp Volunteer in the country.
The meeting took place in the Office of the Chief Administrator and the two Mayors discussed issues pertaining to “partnership.”
Mayor Harold L. Tucker in the first place told the visiting Mayor that “It is highly gratifying to be part of this process.” He went on to tell the visitor that: “My City is an important city.” Bo City, he continued to tell Bill Kelvin Flaute “is a reference point to every little or important thing that happens in Sierra Leone.” But the running of the city, he explicated to Mayor Flaute, “is not easy.” This, he maintained, was due to the fact that “the devolved functions are yet to be completed.”
The Quarterly Subsidy that comes from the government, he further said, “always comes late.” The running of the council, he therefore stated, depends hugely on “the resources we generate from grants and revenues.” What he said is now worsening the situation is the new policy of the government for local councils to generate 60% of the income to run them.
In the light of all the above, all what the administration of the Bo City Council he elucidated, seeks from the Local Council of the Ohio State Riverside City Council was “Partnership for Sustainability.”
The two councils, he emphasized, should enter into a partnership where in “we share our weaknesses and strengths.” The Bo City Council, he accentuated, needs partnership with the Riverside City Council in “Education, Fire Prevention and Solid Waste Management.”
The Bo City Chief Administrator, William Alpha spoke on the “successes and challenges” facing the Bo City Council. But he moved further to say that he was looking for a relationship that would move from “Partnership to Twin-ship.”
In furtherance, he decried the small amount of Le350, 000 Leones which councilors receive as their monthly stipend.
Despite all that, the Bo City Council of 18 Councilors, he said, was the best council with the cleanest city in Sierra Leone.
Seated beside his wife and children, Mayor Kelvin Bill Flaute, indeed accepted that “There are so many things that we could work together on.” The Riverside City he said was not the cleanest in the USA but that it hosts a population of 2700 people who are mainly middle class.
The City, which he explained sits on a River, does not also have much resources to get revenues from. Tourism coupled with monies for the use of the United States Air force Base which is hosted in his city he stated, were the two main sources of income for his council.
The work of the Councilors in the Local Councils, he told the gathering was “all about services to humanity which is the best work of life.”
The visit ended with a visit to the old Bo City Council Office, Bo Government Hospital and BCC’s Land Filling Site.
July 22, 2013

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