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Sierra Leone News: MoRD trains court monitors

Selected court monitors from the chiefdoms in Kenema district have undergone a training to ensure accountability and administration of all matters relating to ownership of land, property inheritance affecting women in those chiefdoms.
The training was conducted by a local Non- Governmental Organization (NGO) called the Movement for Resettlement and Rural Development (MoRD) so they will in turn provide knowledge to others.
The project titled ‘the right to own land and property inheritance’ is implemented by MoRD with support from access to security and justice program under the devolved fund grant for other civic Community Based Organizations (CBOs).
Giving a brief background of the organization before the commencement of the training, the national team leader for MoRD, Lahai Galiwa says the organization was registered in 1996 to help in the country’s post conflict recovery program. He disclosed that the organization’s area of intervention includes human right, justice and security, decentralization, governance, child protection, women’s right issues and research among others.
Galiwa said the project will lead to the process to formulate bye laws in collaboration with the targeted communities that will particularly protect women and girls who are disadvantaged to own land and inherit property.
He called on the participants not only to monitor but also to record all matters affecting women in their various communities in relation to land ownership, property and inheritance as stated in the devolution of estate Act of 2007 and under the international provision.
The program officer of MoRD, Milton Dassama, in his contribution, said the training for the monitors on land ownership, property inheritance, is one of the key activities of the project that will help MoRD record through a data base system all the matters relating to land ownership, property inheritance and other property rights that are brought to court affecting women in the implementing communities.
Concluding, Milton Dassama said the project is to ensure compliance with the provision of the devolution of Estate Act of 2007 to improve the provision of women and girls who until now have been vulnerable and marginalized in the accusation of property including land and inheritance
By Saffa Moriba
Wednesday January 22, 2014

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