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Sierra Leone News: UK Mayor visits Freetown counterpart

MAYORMayor of Blackburn UK, Mullah Salim recently visited the Mayor, Franklyn Bode Gibson and Staff of the Freetown City Council, on what he refers to as a call for Business.
Speaking in the Mayor’s  Parlour, the Blackburn Mayor said that he is very happy to be in Sierra Leone, because this is a country that is blessed with natural resources and has all what it takes to help the people live a better life.
He revealed that his purpose of visit to Sierra Leone is for business and Charity, informing Mayor Gibson that he came to Sierra Leone with ideas and suggestions that will foster development, as he has done a lot of work in all sectors of development with collaborative support, including services that save lives.
In Sierra Leone, Mayor Salim revealed that he is presenting working in collaboration with Sierra Leone Chamber of Commerce to do business and some   kind of humanitarian work, as he has noticed for himself that there is desperation in the country, therefore they will invite Aide workers of UWMAT which means “World Of The World” who have worked in 65 countries around the world to work in Sierra Leone.
He observed that a lot of foreign investment is not benefiting the country, and advised that Sierra Leone needs to own manufacturing industries, run and managed by Sierra Leoneans, so as to increase the labour skills of many Sierra Leoneans.
These industries, he stressed, if established will help to increase the country’s economy, increase employment, and development, as Sierra Leone is having potentials to attract honest investors, for more development.
After the Holy month of Ramadan, Mayor Salim told the Mayor Bode Gibson that he and his team will be coming back to Sierra Leone to assist in the area of education, Transport and Agriculture
Mayor Mullah Salim also said he has been a Mayor in the UK for over 20 years and has worked with developing countries through local government.
In response Mayor Bode Gibson on behalf of Management and Staff of Freetown City Council and the people of Freetown commend his Worship Mayor Mullah for thinking of Sierra Leone
He informed him and his team that his jurisdiction falls within Western Urban which is the Municipality of Freetown.
He told the visiting Mayor that the name Freetown signifies freedom, but everything is being controlled and done with law and order from the state government, including business and other forms of activities.
Mayor Gibson admitted that indeed the country is in dire need of help that will benefit a good number of people in the country, especially the capital city of Freetown, which he said is densely populated because of the civil conflict, and people are of the view that greener pastures are more available in the city than in the rural areas which they come from, thus making basic facilities like roads, water, electricity not enough and affordable for all within the city.
He also told the Mayor that the Government of President Koroma is always and ready to extend open hands to investors who are willing not only to do business, but business that will help develop the country.
Mayor Bode Gibson however emphasized and suggested that transportation should be their first investment in the city, which he said 15 buses will help ease transport constrains within the city. He also informed them that a survey has been done to revive the railway in the country.
By Zainab F. Kanu
Wednesday June 25, 2014

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