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Sierra Leone Entertainment: “I want to be the Greatest Rapper and Song Writer in Sierra Leone”Drizilik

“I want to be the Greatest Rapper and Song Writer in Sierra Leone” says Drizilik, one of Sierra Leone’s hottest rappers. Benjamin Menelik George known by his stage name Drizilik, says he wants to be not only the best rapper of his time but also the greatest song writer, recording and performing artist in the history of Sierra Leone.
The rapper made this revelation to salonestarz after winning the Teens Nation Salone Award for Rookie of the Year “Best New Artist in 2017” early last months. “It feels good to receive such an award, especially when the award was given to me by young Sierra Leoneans that recognise the priceless talent and effort of other young people in the country” says Drizilik.
The Rookie of the Year Award, has added to two other National Awards bagged in recognition of the lyrics and recording ability of the young rapper: The NEXT-E and the National Entertainment Award-(NEA) for Best Young Entertainer and Best New Artist respectively.
After the release of his debut song “Pop Colour” Drizilik, still continues to hit clubs, chilling spots and radio stations across the country with more new songs. And most recent of his songs, is the song he titled “D Mami I Moni fo Komot”, where he talked about his plans and vision to showcase Sierra Leone’s culture globally through his music.
The artist is clearly challenging all his peers in the rap realm, as he recently released Chief Don’t Run in which he takes shot at the rest of the rappers in the game.
Friday November 17, 2017.

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