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Sierra Leone News: RUFP, PDP, CDP and PLP form coalition

The term “coalition” is the denotation for a group formed when two or more persons, factions, states, political parties, militaries, etc., who agree to work together temporarily in a partnership to achieve a common goal.
In the last four years, Coalition has been the main form of political system that has been used to unseat a ruling government from power in Africa. We have experienced what had happened in Nigeria, Senegal and the most recent in the Republic of Gambia where the powerful Yaya Jammeh was defeated by a coalition formed within two months.
In Sierra Leone, we have seen signs of political parties coming together in order to take the game to the ruling All People’s Congress (APC) in the March 2018 elections by forming coalitions. The latest of those parties coming together and forming a coalition is the Revolutionary United Front Party (RUFP), the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), Citizen Democratic Party (CDP) and the Peace and Liberation Party (PLP).
These four political parties have decided to merge together under the CDP as the umbrella body in order to vie the March 2018 elections. According to the Leader and Chairman of the PDP, Prince Coker, they decided to come together and form such alliance mainly to liberate the people of Sierra Leone from suffering.
He added, “As an alliance, we have not yet elected or selected our flag-bearer for the 2018 elections. This position is completely open. Even though it is open, we are looking for a candidate that has an impeccable and spotless character that can win us the 2018 elections.”
He underscored that the alliance is comprised of fresh and old faces. He added that the current Chair of the Alliance, Gibril Thullah, is a very strategic individual that can guide them through the elections.
According to the Leader and Chair of the RUFP, Raymond, “We are in this alliance to form the next government. As Sierra Leoneans we have decided to come on board and redeem our nation.” The RUFP Leader said with the number of votes his Party had in the last elections, plus the coalition group, they will definitely succeed as a coalition.
By Mohamed J. Bah
Friday November 24, 2017.

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