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Sierra Leone Entertainment: Rantings of a frustrated Salone man looking for a ‘good’ woman

If you have ever lived in Sierra Leone then you must know that the dating scene or as we say ‘the man en uman biznes’ tends to favor men over women.
At least so I thought all these years, never once did I consider that a Salone man would be frustrated by the ease with which they can couple and uncouple.
Yesterday a young man living in Salone reached out to say that he was frustrated with the lack of eligible women his age with whom he could consider building a partnership and later starting a family.
What he revealed to me suggests that for those men who don’t or no longer want to play the field and are serious about settling down that finding a mate is perhaps just as difficult as it is for the women.
The young professional says that most of the women he meets and tries to date move too fast; they want to jump in his bed and his bank account overnight.
He explained “I was trying to date someone… we barely knew each other well and she was asking me to help her with her rent.” “Bo me na bank!”
As for another girl we started chatting and the next minute she want to sleep over at my place. I was like seriously?! ‘Na so nor more for make person cam sleep over… I hardly know you’
Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought finding a partner would be this hard. I am totally frustrated.
What pisses me off the most; the other day, there is this pretty girl in my area, I asked her if we could watch movie together at my place. Out rightly, she said I must make sure I have Le 2million when she is coming.
It is that bad. These women need to get into that ‘A man is not a financial plan’ thinking. And then there are those women who can’t construct simple English, if they SMS you it pure BS. That is such a turn off for me. Yes I can write in krio. But nor to all tem now. Worse yet, are those that cannot have a conversation. All they ever say is ‘Pam’, ‘Woyoooooo’, ‘E go tae’, ‘hummm’ , ‘Awo’. These nonsense whatsapp babble. What the hell is ‘Pam’? I think ‘Pam’ is WhatsApp speak for ‘Spot on’. ‘You have hit the nail on the head’.” After our frustrated Salone man finished his rant about the lack of quality women he then sent me his list of what he is looking for in a potential partner.
2. I want a woman that’s independent. Being independent means she’s confident. Yes, I like to be the centre of my woman’s world/attention but I don’t need me a clingy woman nor do I want a woman that is going to depend on me financially or see it as my duty to provide for her financially; we both work; we both make money. we will tackle financial commitments together. I don’t buy into the saying that “man him money na for e uman n d uman e money na for insef’. Nonsense! I also love my space and very much value my independence, so I need a woman who does not freak out and think the world is coming to an end when I need a little bit of space.
3. She must definitely know God and have a relationship with Him. I don’t get bug down by religion. As long as she knows God, I am good.
4. Respect. Mutual respect. I don’t yell at my women. They are not kids. We are both adults. If we have an issue, I expect us to be able to sit down and talk things over. I certainly don’t lay a finger on my women. No Way! I also do not believe in embarrassing your partner in public. I don’t curse in my relationships so I struggle to deal with people who curse.
5. I need me a woman that’s supportive. very supportive. I expect us to be a team. Funny, but I know couples who act like they are enemies and rivals. Yes, a bit of competition is good but only as a source of motivation.
6. My woman must love and embrace my family. This is huge for me. I was her only child for a very long time. I am ‘the boy pikin’ of me family. I have 11 female cousins. Of my siblings, I am relatively the most successful. My family is very protective of me. My woman should be able to see my family as her family. My ex was on that ‘them against me’ flow. I will never choose my family over my woman but equally I will never choose my woman over my family. We are meant to be a family.
7. Finally, I want me a woman that is passionate about Sierra Leone and our people and who shares my passion/desire of wanting to positively impact the lives of ordinary Sierra Leoneans. I have dreams and aspirations. professional and political. Sierra Leone is home. I am not moving. Might do a stint abroad for a few years, but that’s that. I plan to grow old here and raise my family here. Hopefully, I haven’t ruled out every woman on planet earth” When I read these wants I felt none of them were unreasonable and that any serious man or woman probably wants the same in a partner.
I honestly do not know why these qualities are so locally scarce in our young women. If you are a young man or woman looking to settle down I want to hear from you. Are you frustrated too? Let us hear from you.
Friday December 01, 2017.

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