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Sierra Leone Business: Total Nomination fees for 2018 elections

All 14 registered political parties wanting to contest the 2018 elections will have to come up with one billion, nine hundred and seventy six million Leones (Le1,976,000,000) to field candidates in all positions.
This is according to the 2012 statutory instruments which had put the nomination fees for presidential candidates at Le100 million; Le10 million for Members of Parliament (MPs) and Paramount Chiefs, Le5 million for Mayors and Chairmen and Le1 million for Councillors.
Given that ideally each party has to field in one presidential candidate, 132 candidates for Members of Parliament, 7 Mayors; 15 District Chairmen and 446 Councillors, the nomination fees bill for each party will be Le1,976,000,000.
Apparently Civil Society organisations are fully aware of this huge amount of money and that is why they have been pushing along with the smaller parties for the fees to be reduced because it certainly puts them at a disadvantage. Arguably only the APC, SLPP and to an extent the ADP and NGC are likely to meet these fees. The rest may not be so financially comfortable and may be forced to vary the number of their candidates.
That is if present efforts by PPRC to get the government to sign on to a subsidy of the nominations fees across the aboard are not successful.
Earlier an instrument had been laid before parliament for a reduction of the fees. This instrument was thrown out of the house because “it was not properly laid before the house” since it was deemed to have left out the Paramount Chief MPs. This bill had advocated for a reduction from Le100 million for the Presidential to Le30 million and from Le10 million for MPs to Le3million; Mayors and Chairmen from Le5 million to Le1,500 and Councillors from Le1 million to Le500 thousand and Village headmen Le250 thousand.
Unconfirmed reports say an agreement has been reached by the political parties and a document for the reduction/subsidy of the fees by 70% is being envisaged.
Monday December 11, 2017.

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