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Sierra Leone News: Mary Nguanya Foday for SLPP Constituency 008

What I do promise is this – If I am elected Member of Parliament come March 7, 2018, I will make a covenant with you the people of Constituency 008 to always do right by you, to tell you the truth at all times, to carry you along and most importantly to listen to you in terms of decision making. I do not want to win your affections by making unrealistic promises of things I would do once elected. The success of my tenure in Parliament will largely depend on the collective efforts of the lovely people of Constituency 008. And, that praise of success will not be allocated to Mary Nguanya Foday alone, but to you my beloved people of Constituency 008 who would be the bedrock of those achievements”.
These were the heart moving words of Mary Nguanya Foday as she officially declares to represent the people of Njaluahun and Jahn chiefdoms that now constitute constituency 008. At a mammoth gathering, the woman who many has described as the “Hope” for a deprived community, grilled the electorate through her vision for a constituency that is on her way to regaining her reputation and prove to the nation that things have changed and the people of Njaluahun and Jahn Chiefdoms have now taken constituency 008 back from a few into the hands of her people.
In an inspirational mood Mary reminded her people that Constituency 008 is in a hurry and can wait no longer to pull her weight in the forward movement in the pursuit of peace, prosperity and happiness. “We are in haste! And, our people have the right to feel restless if peace, prosperity and development are taking too long to arrive at our door step, while others are far gone!”, she maintained.
Pundits who have closely followed Mary Nguanya Foday’s socio-cultural development, educational attainment and professional profile suggest that these are not empty political jibes. Mary’s background, it is believed, furnishes her with the required experience and credentials to compete for the symbol, contest the elections, which she can win and effectively channel the interest of the people, the community, the party and Sierra Leone in the House of Parliament.
Mary have had varied and relatively distinguished career spanning work in Central government (MFMR), international donor community (UNDP) and international development (INGOs). The exposure gained from the various work experiences gives her the added advantage of being fully aware of the resources available to address the needs and public concerns of the constituency and especially her constituents.In concluding the declaration process Mary had this to say:
“Today, I confirm, after wide and thorough consultations spanning the 12 political sections , discussions with family members, professional colleagues, religious leaders, women, youths and student groups, our revered traditional institutions, friends and associates, and having taken time to also seek God in fervent prayers, I MARY NGUANYA I.K. FODAY with the blessings and approval of my family, have consented to take up the challenge and to vie for the position of Member of Parliament to represent constituency (008) after the scheduled March 7th 2018 General elections. I am also making this commitment to seek the symbol of our Party – SLPP and contest the elections.”
Friday December 15, 2017.

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