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Sierra Leone Sports: Ex-Players to revive Real Republicans Football Club

Veteran players of Real Republicans Football Club (RRFC) have regrouped themselves with great interest of reviving the club, which they once played active football for.
Real Republicans Football Club (RRFC) one of the oldest football club in the country is a registered first division club under the Western Area Football Association (WAFA) and it is based in Freetown. It was known for its huge police background based on the fact that it was born in the quarters of popular Police officers through the leadership of the late Head of police, Bambay Kamara.
The club is widely known for having won the then National League in 1981, 1983 and 1984. They also won the FA Cup in 1986. With such historic record, Real Republicans is recognized as one of the greatest clubs in the history of Sierra Leone football.
Over the past years, the club lost its identity due to lack of adequate funding, equipment and proper management to manage the affairs of the club and it affected their progression to the top flight league where they have been absent for the past 15 years.
But the ex-players in the United States of America, United Kingdom and in Sierra Leone have collaborated in ensuring they make the club great again and take it to the premier division.
While on holiday in Freetown, the Chairman of Real Republicans USA chapter, Alhaji Alie Badara Kamara held a meeting with past players, executive members, coaches and current players to map the way forward to restore the club and prepare for future football competitions.
Kamara believes Real Republicans have the ability to improve in the next two years if every member works together in the interest of the club, which they once served as players, officials, executive members and supporters.
The Chairman emphasized: “We in the diaspora are willing to re-establish our club, it is the only football club we have and we must ensure we provide the basic needs for our players and officials so as to make the club one of the best teams that will not only participate, but compete for major trophies in Sierra Leone football. Our aim is to see Republicans become the biggest club in the country”.
Their short-term plan he said, is to regroup all members of the club so that they will be a united force working towards achieving the same goal which is to reinstate their club to the elite league, while the long-term plan is to go back to their old system of scouting young talents and groom them to become future stars.
“We shouldn’t kill the legacy of Bambay Kamara and others; we should treat it as our baby. It was formed by people, who have passion for the game, and it is the exact reason we should take it as granted so even after our generation, the younger ones will take up the responsibility to sustain the club because of passion”, the USA RRFC Chapter Chairman asserted.
Chairman Alie Badara further presented mixed football items which included, footballs, cones, jersies, boots, trainers, t-shirts, medicines, tracksuits and pumps as donation to the club on behalf of the Real Republicans USA chapter and ex-players of former Sierra Fisheries Football Clubs which was their second team back in the 80’s.
Retired Police Officer, Amadu Rapel Kamara was a former influential player for the club. He said it was actually the love and passion for the game that inspired him to play for Republicans. He went on, “We played brilliant football in our days because the facilities were there for us. Football is money, motivation and confidence. If a player has these in place he will play with the passion to win.”
“We want to create an enabling environment for the current players so that when once football begins to play in the country, you will be in the right frame of mind to challenge for championship positions and promote to the premier and play against our old rivals; the East End Lions, Port Authority, Mighty Blackpool, Old Edwardians and others”, he added.
Speaking on behalf of the players, Issa Sesay said he was delighted to see the old legends joining hands together with keen interest to develop the club. Saying it will not be an easy task to revive the club, but with the collective efforts and support from those in the diaspora Republicans can be a better club.
Sesay cited: “As young players, we were playing for the love of the game, but there was nothing for us. They’ve done well to provide us with kits and we appreciate them so much. We hope they will continue to do more.”
Noting with the future of the club looking bright, as players they will be inspired to play quality football that will see them promoting to top division.
By Magdalene S Konneh
Monday January 8, 2018.

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