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Sierra Leone News: SLPP uses multi-tier system to award Party symbols

The process for the award of symbol for the different political parties is getting tense. The Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) is using a multi-tier system of awarding symbols for Members of Parliament (MP).
The SLPP National Secretary General, Umaru Napoleon Koroma, explained that to follow this trend the secretariat developed guidelines, which were approved by the National Executive Council and accepted by the Executive on the 2nd January 2018.
He said, “In the guidelines, it is provided that the constituencies will be the first lawyer of assessment for the award of the party symbol to candidates and this they will do through voting.”
Upon voting at constituency level, whatever vote is scored by the various aspirant is transformed into a weighted percentage for final assessment. This will amount to 40% of the overall candidate evaluation.
“It was agreed in the guidelines that only the first, second and third candidate that emerge from the constituency voting will go to the next level, which is the district level. At this level, members comprises of ten district executive members will have to look at the three candidates and give their own assessment based on their percentage and even when they are ten their percentage assessment is about 15%”.
The SLPP Secretary General furthered, “From the district, the Party will produce to the regional level, which comprises ten regional executive members who also do their own assessment of 15% and compile it and forward the list to the National Executive”.
Koroma disclosed that the constituency, regional and districts have done their assessments and have forwarded the names to the National Executive as of the 8 January 2018. “By Wednesday we are hopeful of filling all the candidates to meet the deadline for the nominations of MPs,” he added.
Questioned about preference to incumbent, he said, “There are no preferences, even from the results you will observe how the incumbent are failing. Virtually all the incumbents are going save for some good ones. Some of these that succeeded at constituency level, people are still finding issues with them”.
The SLPP National Secretary General said the reason they institute such system for the award of symbol is that over the years there have been reports that once the MPs are voted into Parliament, they abandon their constituency. “We want to make sure that the constituents are satisfied because they are going to vote in the national elections.”
By Betty Milton
Tuesday January 09, 2018.

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