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Sierra Leone News: UDM nominates 5 councillors but no F/t mayoral candidate

The United Democratic Movement (UDM), on Thursday 10 January 2018, presented four councillors to the National Electoral Commission (NEC) for nomination the Western Urban Area.
There was no mayoral candidate nominated. Arnold Bendu, Organising Secretary UDM, disclosed that no one showed an interest in vying for such position.
According to Bendu, Mohamed Sowa Turay is the only intending aspirant for flag-bearer position before Yunku Kanu another a former aspirant resigned.
Bendu spoke on the Party readiness to contest for the March 7 election as the Party has already held their internal meetings and ready to set out for convention on 20 January 2018, in Makeni.
Bendu said the Party decided to nominate four councillors in Western Urban because they considered those seat winnable as the Party may also nominate other candidates in other parts of the country.
He said that the party candidates were selected based on past records and their contributions in the Party.
However, NEC allowed UDM nominations for local council candidates despite the Political Parties Registration Commission’s (PPRC) release that indicated to advise NEC to reject nomination for parties that are yet to go to convention.
Lucien Momoh, Outreach Officer PPRC, noted that the Commission did not stop the nomination because the party has fulfilled certain criteria required by the PPRC and has already set out a date for convention.
“One of such important criterion is the internal meeting which they already held,” Momoh said.
However, Momoh continued, if any of those parties that have done nominations for local council before conventions fail to go for convention, PPRC will ask NEC to refuse any more nominations for members of parliaments and presidential candidates. SV/11/1/18
By Sylvia Villa
Friday January 12, 2018.

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