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Sierra Leone News: PMDC unveils mysterious running mate

Just a few hours to the nomination of People’s Movement for Democratic Change (PMDC) Presidential candidate, the Party Chair, Bamidele Thompson, officially unveiled Isata Dora Bangura as the PMDC running mate to Charles F. Margai.
The mysterious unveiling of Bangura ended the suspense after months of waiting and wondering. The revelation was held at the Party’s headquarters on Prince Street in Freetown.
Thompson described Bangura as one of the resilient and committed founding members of the Party.
In his remarks, Thompson stated that the PMDC running mate is a figure with an exceptional character that has positively represented the country. She has demonstrated such character in advocating for women’s issues in several forums over the past years.
“The PMDC running mate is capable to perform exceptionally well in the office of the President in the absence of the President,” Thompson added. Thompson pointed out his Party’s commitment to gender equality for sustainable development.
Hailing from the north-east of Sierra Leone, Bangura worked as a teacher for 42-years until she resigned recently to join the political race.
In her remarks after the official unveiling, Bangura disclosed her ambition to always be at the centre of governance in the country. She spoke on the relevance of the inclusion of women in every sphere of life. “Being the running mate is such an opportunity. I will focus on a direction that will showcase the potential of women.”
She lamented on the poor conditions of living of the majority of Sierra Leoneans and explained about a policy she will employ when her Party takes over governance. Her idea is to cater for the less fortunate, strengthen access to education, food security, employment, justice system and women and girl’s empowerment. SV/24/1/18
By Sylvia Villa
Thursday January 25, 2017.

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