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Sierra Leone Entertainment: Bone Na Throat breaks silence

One of Sierra Leone’s most controversial freestyle rappers, Rashid Dyfan popularly known as Bone Na Throat (BNT) who has earned his breakthrough in 2015 with his first song titled ‘Me, Myself and I’, has finally responded to issues surrounding his latest song ‘Kiss But Na Sucktit Part 3’ released in late 2017.
BNT is well known for his satiric rap skills and his persistent disses against big stars and public figures in most of his songs. His huge fan base has amorous attachments to his trademark rap gene. Many pundits consider Bone Na Throat as a viral artist who has gain public attention over the years.
His ‘Kiss But Na Sucktit Part 3’ song which was nominated for best hip hop song in the SLeDU’s 2017 National Music Awards, raised a lot of contentious issues on many top stars, including Emerson, Sara D Great, Kabaka, Shadow Boxxer, DJ Boxx, etc.
This has however reportedly impelled resistances from some people. First, it was the rapper himself who made it known on social media that the CEO of KME, Abu Bakarr Turay aka Kabaka had threatened him with court actions for defamation.
It can be recalled that BNT mentioned in that song that he refused to sign for KME. In one of his Facebook posts he said the CEO was furious about that and considered the rapper’s statement as defamatory on his record label. But much has not been heard from Kabaka in public, despite efforts to reach him proved futile.
In another development, BNT considers Gee Milan’s Facebook post on him as an indirect response from Emerson Bockarie, a popular Salone artist (well known for his political commentary songs), allegedly because, Gee Milan is a publicist for Emerson. So he deem any attack or response from Gee Milan to be machinated by Emerson.
Speaking to Awoko on his controversial stance on his colleague artists and public figures, BNT was quick to allude to that claim, stating that… “Yes, that’s what people say about me, but I have been saying the truth in all my songs,” he said.
“I don’t subject my conscience to people’s opinions or satisfaction. always report the issues as they occur,” he continued. Asked on his reported squabble with Kabaka, he claimed that he was about to be contracted by the KME CEO to sign for his record label, which he (BNT) declined on the fact that KME was going political.
“Yeah Kabaka invited me to his studio, asking me to sign for his group. People saw the photos posted on Facebook by the CEO himself,” he claimed. “But I refused to sign because I noticed they were too involved in politics,” he said. On why involving Emerson, he said, “I said he cannot survive without political songs in my latest track. That statement annoyed him and therefore used his publicist (Gee Milan) to make mockery of me on Facebook.” “I know he was directed by his boss to do so,” he added.
“I will come back on him strongly on my next track,” he threatened.
Friday January 26, 2018.

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