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Sierra Leone Sports: Port Loko district association ends two days referees training

After the training

Alhaji Sankoh the media officer for Port Loko district referee association has said that the two days training was conducted by a team from the Sierra Leone referees association headed by Technical Instructor Alhaji Sanusi Rashid, Physical fitness instructors Mohamed B Freeman, Ibrahim Bristo Kamara and Alhaji Abdul Rahim Sanusi, with the focus of upgrading young referees, make them to know the latest amendment on the laws of the game and to test their physical fitness.
Ibrahim Bristo Kamara who was the chairman for the northern region referees association and now a physical fitness instructor told participants about the important of being fitted when u want to be a good referee. He continued by saying as referees don’t mortgage your integrity and also respect yourself.
The important of the training according to Ibrahim Bristo Kamara was to enhance the knowledge and skills of the participants by updating them about the laws of the game and test their physical abilities.
The training is important for the development of football refereeing within the Port Loko district and the country as all will boost their standard of officiating. The referees have to know the laws and required information to manage the game within the laws.
Bristo noted, “Our task is to improve on the performance and the Values of referees in this country and we will try our best to ensure we succeed.
Speaking on behalf of the association Alhaji Musa Kabia thanked the national referees team headed by Alhaji Sanusi Rshid and also gave special thanks to Ibrahim Bristo Kamara for changing the face of referees in the northern region. Some years back young people did not want to be referees but with the coming of Bristo is a blessing to Port Loko district and now we can boast of over 60 young people who at the age of 16-25 chose to become referees in Port Loko district.
He encouraged his colleagues to take back what they have gained; which is very important, as the training is very educative. He promised the national referees team from 2018 and upwards Port Loko district will produce the best referees in the country.
Tuesday January 30, 2018.

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