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Sierra Leone Sports: “Our Participation in the youth Championship is not about winning” – Mohamed Kallon

Sierra Leone football legend, Mohamed Kallon has stated that their participation in the Camp DIVA Youth Championship is not about winning the competition.
He said but them as ex players have thought it fit to come together to send message that the game must play for the sake of the young boys who choose football to be their career.
“Our message here is the game must play”, as ex footballers we are united to see the game play all over again. Kallon added, “We must forget about our personal interest in the game and think about the young boys. ” I am appealing to everyone to come on board and join us in our quest to see the beautiful game of football playing again in the country.
Abubakarr Kamara said with such development the football administrators, coaches and football loving fans they all must come together to make sure the game play which have been a profession for many of our players
Without the game not playing it will affect them greatly as the depend on the game to survive.
In another development the disciplinary Committee of the Camp DIVA Youth Football Association (CaDYFA) has levied a fine of Two Hundred Thousand Leones (Le 200, 000) each on both Spain FC and Kolleh FC for invading the pitch and putting the match on hold, on Saturday January 20 2018.
According Alpha Barrie Alpha (CaDYFA’s Sec. Gen.), said disciplinary Committee, have said both Spain FC and Kolleh Town FC were found guilty of invading the pitch and putting the match to an hold which is contrary to the Rules and Regulations governing the competition, Article 10, 1 Forfeiture Of Match And Fines, which stated “A team commit an offence punishable by the forfeiture of a match and fines where:-
A player (s) or supporter (s) or sympathizer (s) or an official of a team initiates an act responsible for the abrupt end of a match”.
Alie Kamara said both Spain FC and Kolleh Town are to pay a fine of Le 200, 000 each and furthermore both Mandela of Spain FC and Omorlaja of Kolleh Town FC are ban from watching 10 consecutive games in the ongoing competition with effective on Monday January 29 2018.
Thursday February 01, 2018.

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