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Sierra Leone News: 583 households finally receive disaster package

On Friday 2, February 2018, after months of peaceful protests, 583 families that were affected by the August 14 disaster at the Culvert community in the east of Freetown were given resettlement packages from the Office of National Security (ONS). The residents had been peacefully protesting for months.
A victim of the flooding and mudslide, Kadie Sesay, said, “These items will take us a long way especially at this particular time when things are so hard.” She called on the government to continue to support them noting that it will take a long time to recuperate from such a tragic event. The resettlement package contained rice, oil, sardines, soap, mosquito coils, tomato paste, oats, cleaning brushes, etc. The value of the goods is approximately Le1 million.
According to a member of the Communication Pillar at ONS, Musa Brima, “The victims of culvert community are receiving their package now because they refused to sign a document committing them to leave their disaster area.” The residents eventually signed the ONS document and were rewarded with their provisions.
Brima noted the ONS had previously provided over Le5 million to each of the 583 households through a cash transfer.
According to Mohamed Jalloh, another victim, he couldn’t find a safer place for a long time. He eventually moved to Waterloo with his family. He said, “I will never return to such a place because if something happens, you will never be compensated properly. What you lose will not be commensurate with what the government will provide.”
By Mohamed J. Bah
Monday February 05, 2018.

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