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Sierra Leone News: NGC launch Manifesto as a social contract

The National Grand Coalition (NGC) launched its manifesto yesterday 13 February 2018, in Port Loko. They promised to govern on a credible and realistic program of activities, which they have committed themselves to implement during the first five years of their administration.
“We are offering you, the people of Sierra Leone, a programme that starts off by recognizing the extreme poverty, disease, high unemployment, injustice and uncertainties our country suffers today as a consequences of abandonment of the basic principle of social contract,” the manifesto reads.
The NGC say they will reunite the country, salvage and revitalize the economy and strengthen democratic principles, rule of law and justice for all.
They launched both the Manifesto 2018, which is an agenda for job creation and national prosperity and a simplified form called the Compact.
They promised to start work immediately to reduce poverty and improve the lives of over 75% of the population that are in poverty and work towards attaining middle-income status for the country’s economy.
This will be achieved by strengthening public institutions for health, education, security and governance. “We will vigorously apply the rule of law and enforcement orders, making significant investments in human capital and skills formation beyond just access to education.” NGC acknowledges that the journey to the new Sierra Leone they envisage will be long and difficult, so it will require the participation of every citizen.
The Compact document, which contains the agreement between the NGC and the people of Sierra Leone consists of five components that form the foundation blocks on which, together with all citizens, they will build and change Sierra Leone.
“We will report on our progress regularly and we commit to creating the mechanisms to monitor our performance regularly. We undertake to produce the results and for us to be judged by it,” the Compact states.
Speaking at the launch the Vice-Presidential candidate, Andrew Keili, said they promise the people of Sierra Leone that their governing structure will be inclusive. “Our slogans are basically centred around national unity, which shows that we care about ourselves and the general citizenry.
“We have to look at the economy, our natural resources and manage it well. This is our agreement to the people of this country and the enabler will be collective work thereby looking forward to national cohesion. We should not admire corrupt people, government should be held accountable. When we take over we will declare an education emergency,” said Keili.
The returns from the extractive sector and national capital will be re-invested in such a manner as to diversify the economy, and create a strong service, agribusiness and manufacturing base.
The five foundational blocks include, improving the well-being and condition of citizenry through a radical overhaul of health and education, making democracy work for the people, expanding the economy to produce jobs especially for the women and people with disabilities, restoring social justice, the rule of law and human security and the enablers.
The Compact recognizes and addresses the systemic nature of the root causes of the issues that have led to the deplorable state of our nation.
By Zainab Iyamide Joaque
Wednesday February 14, 2018.

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