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Sierra Leone News: Promoting citizens’ participation in elections

Campaign for Good Governance (CGG) on Monday launched its week long campaign in collaboration with other partners to promote citizens participation in the coming elections at the Stadium Main Gate, Syke Street.
In the press statement by Executive Director of CGG Valnora Edwin, says Sierra Leone is gearing up for an important event in the country’s democratic process which is the conduct of the country’s fourth Presidential and Parliamentary Elections including Local Council Elections after the civil war.
“The Week of Citizens’ Engagement is designed to increase public awareness and voter education around the power of our votes with the theme ‘Index Power’, my Sierra Leone, my responsibility.”
She announced the launch of a Week of Citizens’ Engagement is aimed at mobilising citizens to actively participate in the electoral process through providing various forums for public information about the electoral process in order to promote effective civic participation.
“There will be a range of activities starting with a launch at the Mabela community in the East of the Freetown. This will be followed by an Elections Bazaar featuring the various Electoral Management Bodies and stakeholders at the National stadium (12 and 13 February), Approved School Grounds in the East of Freetown (14 and 15 February) and Tombo Park (16 and 17 February).”
Valnora said, “There will be community voter education and mobilsiation events and institutional outreach campaigns across the country. The Elections Bazaar she said will be in Freetown, Bo, Kenema and Makeni with booths erected by NEC, PPRC, NCD and the police.
Representative from the Police Supt. Ibrahim Samura said their job is to make sure that the election process is very safe before, during and after, and said every Sierra Leonean should think peace and talk peace because there is only one Sierra Leone and we should not destroy it.
He said every political party will be treated equally and they hope that the people will come onboard to support them for a peaceful election process.
Asst. Electoral Officer of National Election Commission (NEC) Louisa Gbassa said they are fully prepared for the elections and they are working with all the partners to make sure that the process is free, fair and transparent.
She called on all the voters to follow the NEC procedure by ticking, thumb printing or marking X in one box so that the vote will be valid. “I am appealing to those who are educated not to sign as it will be a void vote.”
National Commission for Democracy (NCD), Emelia Cowan said they are working with other partners and they have been sensitizing the public about their democratic rights and how their one vote can change the country for better.
“NCD is pleased to endorse and be part of the Week of Citizens’ Engagement said the Gibrilla Kargbo of the NCD, as the event provides an opportunity for the NCD to fulfill one of its core mandate: civic and democratic education.”
By Austin Thomas
Wednesday February 14, 2018.

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