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Sierra Leone News: Samura Kamara calls on APC supporters to respect political leaders

Samura Kamara, the All People’s Congress (APC) Presidential candidate has told supporters in Bo over the weekend that they must respect all political leaders and other senior officials because they are all in the race fighting for a better Sierra Leone. He said politics should be a respectable game where ideas and visions are explained to the populace for them to choose whoever they want. The presidential candidate said that going around abusing one another is not the Sierra Leonean culture and people should know that after elections they have to come together again as one family.
“It is for this reason that I want you all supporting the APC to conduct yourself in a peaceful and respectful manner and don’t abuse any of the presidential candidates because we are all brothers and sisters. Whereever I go I preach peace and I talk about my policies. We must respect each and every one. You are supporting the APC and that means you are supporting me so I call on you all to respect all the political leaders and don’t disrespect them.”
Kamara averred that whenever he meets other presidential candidates, he greets them so that the people around will see that they as leaders are not fighting and they will not send their supporters to fight or create mayhem in the country.
“I worked under Julius Maada Bio, the late President Kabbah and now President Koroma. I respected all of them and had a very cordial relationship until now. Even when I am contesting against Julius Maada Bio, I see him as a partner in development and not as enemy. I will continue to respect him and will never talk negative about him or any other candidate.” Kamara said he is looking forward to the presidential debate where he thinks all of them will talk on party policies. Vice presidential candidate, Chernor Bah, said, “We want an election that will be peaceful because after 7th March we must still be together. Families and friends must not see themselves as enemies but as competitors fighting for the same prize. After football match you always see the players coming together to shake hands and hug and that is what we want to see after the elections.
By Austin Thomas
Monday February 05, 2018.

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