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Sierra Leone News: Chericoco gives scholarships to 220 pupils

In his annual scholarship programme, Hon. Chernor Bah on Sunday at the Youyi Building grounds gave 220 pupils scholarships across his former Constituency 110 to the tune of Le100,000,000.
Addressing the pupils, Bah told them that at a tender age when he was going to St Edwards he has started helping others with their schools fees from the lunch he was receiving.
“I had the opportunity for my schools fees to be paid by Hon. I.B. Kargbo and there were others around us in Railway Line that did not have that opportunity, so I was saving part of my lunch to help them. Some of them are here other did not make it through to university, but it has been in me to help since I started my secondary schooling.”
He told them that they have been given the opportunity to continue their schooling and they must not disappoint their parents and the communities they are coming from.
Hon Bah admonished them to study hard and not rely on leakages and other negative means to pass exams. He told them that today many of the graduates from colleges cannot write good English because they did not achieve those successes through the right way.
“To you the parents don’t push your children to the next level when they did not make it. Many of you have come to me to help you to do that and I have turned you down and advised you to allow your child to repeat and work hard so they can pass the next year. We do not do justice to our kids by bribing teachers or buying question papers, all these lead to bad education that we are responsible for and then we blame government.”
He said government do not print question papers, or do not teach the pupils, Bah said the teachers are paid but they and the parents are responsible for the negative things that are then blame on the government.
Joseph Sannoh of Heal Sierra Leone commended the vice presidential candidate of the APC for his education drive since 2005 and said all the political leaders that are serious about education, he will support and work with, because only education can change the face of Sierra Leone.
Joseph Sesay of St Edwards thanked Hon. Bah for such wonderful gifts to them and said he is very sure most of them will use the scholarship to improve their lives. He said as the vice presidential candidate of APC is an Edwardian; he would want to emulate him in the future to be a very good citizen as well as a successful lawyer.
By Austin Thomas
Wednesday February 07, 2018.

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