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Sierra Leone News: ReNIP to provide 4.5m jobs

The Presidential candidate of the Republic National Independent Party (ReNIP), Beresford Williams, on Thursday 1 March 2018 said he will provide 4.5 million jobs for the people of Sierra Leone if elected into office.
He highlighted that those jobs can be created in the area of construction, agriculture, financial services, tertiary services, noting also that he will reform major sectors like the judiciary that will also add to the job tally.
Williams underscored, “I will create local jobs for Sierra Leoneans”, and also promised to create free education on to WASSCE level, noting that every child below the age of 15 must be in school, which is stipulated in the UN Charter and promised to subsidize university students.
He maintained that he will provide a skills hub for Sierra Leoneans that have dropped out of school to empower themselves through those various technical institutes, which he said will help them to become independent and able to provide for their basic needs.
He underscored that his party activities have been quiet so far,as he has been able to travel the length and breadth of the country preaching the message of prosperity and growth. He noted, “We are the only political party that can give the people of Sierra Leone prosperity and increase the growth of the country in every sector.”
The ReNIP candidate expressed that he will reform the country’s taxation system, adding that most major businesses in the country are not paying tax at all.
Commenting on the recent rallies by political parties in Freetown, Williams noted that one important thing in an election race is for a political party to translate the number of supporter in rallies into votes.
A supporter of ReNIP, Alfred Sesay, said, “I believe in the ideology of the party and if he is given the opportunity to rule Sierra Leone, he will transform this nation into a paradise.” He underscored that is now time Sierra Leonean try another option, which he tagged to be ReNIP as the savior party.
By Mohamed J. Bah
Friday March 02, 2018.

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