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Sierra Leone Sports: Fencing President Map out strategic plans for rapid development

The President of Sierra Leone National Fencing Association (SLNFA), Captain Joseph K. Kanu, said he has mapped out strategic plans that will bring in rapid development with the aim of promoting the sport throughout the country.
The prepared plans involved the training of local coaches who will be encouraged to provide adequate training schedules for beginners, the establishment of clubs ranging from the forces to the communities, school projects and a calendar of seasonal competitions.
According to the President the plans are well in place and they will be executed in the coming months, starting with the training for the local coaches. And it will be facilitated by the national fencing coach, Ibrahim Bawah who returned from the Physical Education University of Budapest, Hungary a month ago after acquiring his international coaching diploma.
The fencing boss believes that the sport will reach every corner of the country with increased number of dedicated coaches who the association will gladly sponsor to go out and tap young talents for youth development.
“For a start we have fencers who have the required skills to face any opponent in the sub-region, but we are not keen on competing now, our goal is to rebrand the sport. As we speak they can demonstrate the basic actions such as the single attack, the parry-riposte, the compound attack and also defend firmly”, said the fencing president, Captain J.K. Kanu.
He added fencing is an Olympic sport that is challenging to both the body and the mind that required a blend of patience, determination, discipline and competitiveness. It is a sport, which develops the skill of the fencers, their endurance, flexibility and fitness.
As a sport, it provides a unique mix of physical, intellectual and emotional stimulation. It is a great way to get or stay fit and meet new people. The idea is to hit the opponent on the target without being hit. The first fencer to score the required number of hits (usually five) is the winner of the bout. There is a time limit for the fencing in each bout.
The President said he is also working on projects to get enough of the fencing kit ready so as to give easy access to the athletes. “The equipment are expensive that is why we are taking the responsibility to provide it for them”. Confirming one cannot be able to train the sport if he/she lacks the basic necessities.
By Magdalene S. Konneh
Friday February 09, 2018.

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