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Sierra Leone News: EU Elections Mission deploys 40 short-term Observers

On Sunday 4th March the European Union (EU) Election Observation Mission for the 2018, presidential, parliamentary and local council elections deployed about 40 short term observers over 16 districts in the country.
The short term observers will join the 38 long term observers that have already been deployed in the country. Deputy Chief Observer, Marek Mracka, said the long term observers have been deployed a month ahead of the elections.
Adding that the team of observers also include eighteen local observers, which are diplomats from the EU member states that will also be observing with us on election day. We also have fourteen experts that will be joined by six members of the European Parliament. So we will have more than 100 observers that will be observing the process.”
Mracka disclosed, “Teams will observe the opening of polling, and then they will visit a number of polling stations during the day. The observers are not stationed to one polling centre as they have to tour the area. They stay for about thirty minutes to half an hour in each station. They take note of the process and then move to another polling station.”
The Deputy Chief maintained that teams will be close to the polls and then return to the polling station where they will observer the counting process, the transportation of the results and they will observe the tallying process.
Marek Mracka said, “The Mission will organise a press conference two days after the elections day where they will make their preliminary statement, which will include findings, observations before the elections date and on polling day.
By Betty Milton
Tuesday March 06, 2018.

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