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Sierra Leone News: IIC Chief Promoter calls for peaceful elections

International Insurance Company, Sierra Leone Limited over the weekend hosted a dinner for their Chief Promoter, Orji Uzor Kalu, at the Home Suites Hotel.
Addressing guests at the dinner, Kalu said he is in town to complement and continue to promote his business interests in the country. He said he met with President Koroma and all the presidential candidates where he urged them to be steadfast and make sure that the elections are conducted in a free, fair and credible manner that will keep the country at peace.
“All eyes are now in Sierra Leone. Liberia has conducted their elections and it went on peacefully, so the sub-region is hoping that Sierra Leone too will follow suit so that peace and safety of all West Africans will be guaranteed.”
The Chief Promoter said the message from President Buhari was delivered to President Koroma and his president wants to wish Sierra Leone a peaceful transition that will usher in a new president. He said no Sierra Leonean should allow a politician to send him or her to the streets to demonstrate when they have their children in Europe and America.
“Remember there will only be one winner and the rest must accept the result and move forward so that peace will reign. Elections should not be the end to the means because there will always be alternatives in everybody’s life. Don’t kill and fight to show the world that without elections you can’t survive.”
“Remember the investment we have made, any unrest will affect our business and Sierra Leoneans will lose jobs, which will destroy the economy. Help preach peace so that more investment will come to the country. I wish you all the best and continue to work hard and grow the business.”
Nigerian High Commissioner to Sierra Leone, Habiss Ugbada, commended the Governor for his investment in Sierra Leone as well as the peace message he came with to President Koroma.
“No country will thrive in an environment of uncertainty, so we all are urging Sierra Leoneans to make sure the elections are safe. Any problem in Sierra Leone will affect Nigeria as we have been strong brothers.
He admonished the staff of IIC to make sure they work in line with the country’s laws so that more investment will come into the country.
The Chief Executive Officer of IIC, Ndoka Anyaso, thanked the speakers and promised that they will work in the interest of the company and protect their investment so that they will be able to expand in the future. He thanked all the invited guests present and assured them that he is optimistic that IIC will play its own part in the development of Sierra Leone. AT/3/3/18
By Austin Thomas
Tuesday March 06, 2018.

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